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IrfanView v.4.23
It's this simple: If you ever use graphics for almost any reason, you need this program.
It's small, it's fast, it's free, and it does its work better than any competitor.
IrfanView's main task is to view graphics files, and it does a superb job of it.
It can also display thumbnails, show your files as slideshows, and play multimedia files.
The program also includes a surprising number of graphics editing tools, including adding
effects and cropping.
File Size: 1314KB
OS: Windows NT, 9.x, Me, XP, Windows Vista; Windows Server 2003
The IrfanView PlugIns package offers additional file formats and effects for IrfanView.

GreenBrowser v.4.9.0111
This is one of a surprisingly large set of browsers which aren't called "Internet Explorer",
"Firefox," or "Opera." Occupying a very thin slice of market share, many are simple Mozilla clones
or partially-complete proofs-of-concept. Remarkably, GreenBrowser seems to be a complete,
well-supported browser with a lot of useful features. GreenBrowser is free, so there's no harm
in checking it out. Whether its plethora of tab-handling and navigation features are enough to make it
replace your current browser is something only you can find out. If you do a lot of multitasking in
your browser, it is at least worth a quick look.
File Size: 1139KB
OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista; Windows Server 2003
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Cleano v0.61
Cleano allows you to clean temporary files immediately or on login.
Yep, that’s pretty much it!
OS: Win 2K/03/XP/Vista

Disable Autorun Script v.1.0
Many security experts recommend turning off the Autorun feature to stop a common malware tactic
of infecting a removable drive, such as a USB drive, so that it will automatically attempt to
spread malware when the infected USB drive is connected to a new PC. This script automates
the steps suggested by PC World's Nick Brown, and further recommended by US-CERT,
to disable Autorun on a Windows XP computer.
File Size: 1 KB
OS: Windows XP

Restore Autorun Script v.1.0
Disabling the Windows XP Autorun feature using our downloadable custom script can help protect you
from worms and other malware. But if you've run into any problems from doing so, you can reverse the
changes by downloading and double-clicking this restoration script.
File Size: 1 KB
OS: Windows XP

deVault v2009
This utility is for backing up, organizing, categorizing, compressing, encrypting, and sharing
your important files. It’s got built-in 256-bit Blowfish encryption, compression, e-mail,
instant search, item to Web page links, and a fully customizable interface.
Size: 535K
OS: Win2k/XP/Vista

Easy Duplicate File Finder v.2.2.1
This is a powerful tool that helps you to find and remove duplicate files on your PC.
Size: 770 KB
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista

StalledPrinterRepair v1.1
This little gem clears out the print queue
Size: 656 kb
OS: Windows NT, 2000, XP, or Vista

Ghostery v.1.3.8
Ghostery, a free add-on for the Firefox Web browser, searches Web sites you visit for Web bugs
capable of quietly tracking your visits and alerts you to their presence. If you're at all interested
in knowing how you're tracked on the Web, then you'll like this little sleuth.
File Size: 57KB
Requirements: Firefox 3.0+
OS: Linux; Windows 2000, XP, Vista; Windows Server 2003, 2008

SpyMe Tools v.1.5
This utility allows you to detect registry and disk changes in real time or by scanning the active state
of the registry/disk and comparing it to a previous state.
OS: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista

Highly Recommended FREE Software


avast! Home Edition Free
Why choose a high-priced subscription antivirus program that bogs down your PC while protecting it, when avast! can do it better?
avast! is one of the few free antivirus applications that does as good a job as any of the big boys.
avast! includes more than seven different kinds of shields, safe-surfing tools, and real-time virus protection for your OS, as well as Outlook.
avast! updates automatically and frequently and, avast! works with both Windows Vista and XP.
avast! gives you all this, in the
free (Not for commercial use) version. More options are available in the Pro version.
avast! requires a simple on-line registration during or after the 60 day trial period to continue uninterupted updates.
avast! has been my anti-virus program for the past 3 years.

Version: 4.8.1335
Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista (Windows 7 Beta)

Go to the download page now:
avast! Home Edition

mozy Free Safe Secure online back-up
I use this every day to keep my important files safe.

Vista Recovery Discs
Recover data from a damaged Vista system with this little-known Microsoft utility.

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