3-7-2013 Gila Community College Payson AZ

87 People attended this very lively presentation held at and for the Gila Community College last night.
Many questions where asked both during the presentations and at the Q&A session which followed the presentation.

                                           (click image to Enlarge)
Gayle Goodwin, the professor who invited me to do the presentation thought this would be something that could (and did) benefit her class. She teaches her students about the many uses of Ebay.
She also invited others from the community to attend the presentation.
The trip home wasn't as nice as the trip to Payson. When I left this morning at about 3:30 AM, it was raining cats and dogs....
When I went through the mountains, that rain turned to snow. For quite some distance, the snow was so heavy that I was lucky
to be able to do 20 miles per hr. It made for a long trip home.


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