YouTube Tricks

1. Save a video - add "ss" after "www." and before "youtube".
Wait a few seconds and select download
Here's the result:
2. Set a Playback Quality Default
Go to:
Make your selection:

3. YouTube Repeater of Loop
Simply insert "repeater" right after "" or just before ".com"
Single play:
To learn or meomrize something, repetition can be very helpful:

4. Shortcut Keys (Commands)
Space bar: pause/start
Side arrows: fast-forward and rewind
Number keys: Will send you to different parts of the video. 1 = 10 percent through the video; 2 = 20 percent; etc.
Zero key: Sends you back to the beginning.
Tab key: toggle through various vid commands; the Enter key and up/down arrows will let you control the commands.
Home / End keys: sends you directly to end / beginning.
Once you learn them, they are easier to use than the mouse.

5. Slow down or Speed up a Video:

This can lead to some surprising results
6. Start your Video at a specific time.
Adding #t=XmXs to the end of a video Will start that video at the X-minute and X-second of the video.
Here's an example:

7. Embed a Video
You can add a video to your website or Blog
Scroll down right next to Share youl see Embed - Select that.

You can even Email the video to someone.

Just fill in the information and hit the send button.


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