11-3-2016 WOT (Web Of Trust) Not so Trustworthy

                            Web Of Trust ( WOT )

This once trusted Browser Ad-On has just been remove by both Google and Mozilla.( http://techdows.com/2016/11/web-of-trust-add-on-removed.html ) 

                                                 WOT add-on analysis Summary                                               The WOT add-on can execute arbitrary code on any page, including privileged browser pages.                                                                                                                                                         Impact and severity: Critical. If WOT wants to, they can do anything ranging from stealing banking credentials to installing malware on the user’s computer.                   At the time of analysis, this functionality was not abused. 

This mostly user based utility which was meant to help you decide the trustworthiness of a website now turns out to actually profit from selling your browsing habits. 
If it's still installed on your Chrome or Firefox browser, remove it. WOT also offers an app for your smart devices. I suggest that you also remove it if from your smart devices.
Many of us who have trusted this app for years, are now sorry that our Web Of Trust has turned into a Web Of Mistrust. 


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