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Windows 10 Desktop Magic


8-18-2017 Sunset


Avast 17.6.2308 Beta - Smart Scan


The Great 78 Project

Some of you may even know what this is. Most probably don't.
This includes records ( the music kind not data.) from 
1898 through the 1950's (before many on here were even dreamt of. )
If you're interested you'll find more information and digitized recordings 
of the original records at

Program Re-Install After a Clean Windows 10 Install


Installing Windows 10 S


Blink Health - Save money on your perscriptions

If you still aren't saving money on your subscriptions using Blink Health,, what are you waiting for ???
I've already put it to good use on those items my insurance company doesn't cover.

Stop Overpaying for Your Prescriptions! Stop overpaying for your prescriptions! I just saved with Blink Health and you can too. Plus get an extra $20 off. BLINKHEALTH.COM

8-3-2017 Grandparent Scam still Very Much Alive

An old scam that's still very much alive. For me, it's the second attempt. This time it started off as "Hello Grandpa". Since I didn't recognize the voice, I asked: "Who is this."  He simply said: "don't you recognize me, it's your oldest Grandson." My reply was very simple: "Sorry, I didn't recognize your voice. What's my oldest Grandsons name?" There was a slight pause and next, I heard the dial tone.  The scammer obviously knew the scam wasn't going to work. This is one of those scams that tugs at your heart strings since it's coming from "family" so you need to be extra careful.  Especially when you don't recognize the voice or, the speech mannerism isn't what you usually hear from the relative that's supposedly on the other end of that phone line. My phone call came from the following # (716) …

Managing Your Email Address


Installing Extensions in Edge Browser


No More Registration For Avast Free


avastclear - The Avast Removal Tool. Get it @


Keeping Avast Free - FREE


How can you defend against ransomware?

As popular as it is on the cybercrime circuit, ransomware is not bulletproof. You can outsmart it, with these 4 anti-ransomware practices:Our first, most basic advice is the strongest: keep backups. If you have workable versions of what cybercriminals have “kidnapped,” they have no power over you.Always keep your operating systems and program software updated so you have the latest protections, and install a strong antivirus system that includes ransomware protection.If your files do get infected, don’t lose hope: instead, search through the many free decryption tools available online to see if someone has developed a way for you to free your encrypted files. Good guys release decryption tools just as often as bad guys launch encryption attacks.And while you may be tempted, don’t pay the ransom. Paying does not guarantee your files’ safe return. Once they have your money, the cybercriminals may decide to just leave your files encrypted. Paying also motivates them to strike again and a…

Cool baby, Cool

Heat, the greatest killer of all electronic equipment.
Even my laptop gets some help with keeping it cool.
They don’t have to be expensive. Here are some examples

Striving for Excellence

Striving for excellence is an ongoing project that never ends. Achieving that goal reaps it’s own rewards.Avast and AVG: The only free antivirus to score 100% in AV-Comparatives Real-World Test

Avast 2017 Next Gen Cybersecurity For ALL


Retrieving Your Avast License


WannaCry Ransomware - Any Easy Fix


WannaCry Ransomeware Live - Don't get caught!

Watch a live map at:
Avast ( ) protects you against this outbreak.
More information here:

Windows 10 v1703 New Wifi Functions


World Password Day

If you didn't know what's special about today, now you do. That makes today a great day to start using the free Password Manager that comes with the Free version of Avast Antivirus . ( Remember, it isn't safe to use one password to protect everything that needs password protection, even if that password is a strong password. Be smart, stay safe, be free.

Avast - Removing Double License


4-29-2017 April is leaving with a vengeance


Quickly Killing a Process


Baylor Medical Center 30th Annual Transplant Reunion–Dallas TX

Today Alice and I together with our friends Darryl and Liz
attended the Baylor Medical Center 30th Annual Transplant Reunion
in Dallas Texas:

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all that celebrate this very important holiday.
It happens to be a very special Holiday in my household.
11 years ago today, we received the great and lifesaving news of my wife's
impending liver transplant. The transplant occurred on 4/17/2006
If you aren't yet an Organ Donor, Monday might be a very good day to become a
life giver after your own life ends.

3-25-2017 Going Home - CA to NM


3/25/2017 Channel Islands PCUG - Camarillo, CA

Up on stage at  Channel Islands PC Users Group - Camarillo, CA
for my final presentation in the March 2017 tour of  the southern part of California.

3/23/2017 TAG Ocean Hills Technical Advisory Group - Oceanside CA


3-22-2017 California Southland AITP - Garden Grove, CA

The California Southland AITP is a small but, knowledgeable group.
As you can see they were totally interested in what was presented to them.
The Pot-roast that I had at Coco's was provided by the club and was excellent.
The 128 Gig USB drive I received after the presentation was happily and gratefully accepted.

3-21-2017 Claremont Seniors Computer Club - Claremont, CA


Avast System Tray Icon


Activating Avast Password Manager


Disable WPAD in Windows to Stay Safer on Public Wi-Fi Network


3/14/2017 Leisure World Computer Club - Seal Beach, CA

Another well attended presentation followed by lots of questions.

Re-Activating the Avast Password Manager


How 2 Control and/or Disable the Avast Shields

There are times when, for troubleshooting purposes, you need to be able to control 

the Avast Shields. This will show you how.

3-9-2017 La Verne Computer Club - La Verne, CA

A small but very interested group. After the presentation, I was able to help
one of their members do a clean, custom install of Avast Free.
She was running Window 7 and had a problem after the last update.
A clean install fixed her problem.Since we had no internet access, it was a good thing
that I also carry a usb device with all the tools I needed to complete the task.
The only thing I could not do was to register the program since that requires internet access.
One more satisfied Avast customer.

3-8-2017 Palmia Computer Club - Mission Viejo, CA

Another well attended presentation by the members of the Palmia Computer Club.
Advertising does help.

3-8-2017 Glendora Seniors Computer Club - Glendora, CA

It gets a bit tricky when you need to concentrate on two separate screens.

3-7-2017 TUGNET - Granada Hills, CA

Those attending the TUGNET meeting had many security related questions.

3-6-2017 Greater South Bay User Group - Torrance, CA


3-5-2017 North Orange County Computer Club


3-4-2017 Seniors Computer Group - San Diego, CA


Florida 2017

Here's a recap of all the Avast sponsored presentations I was able to present in February 2017.
The appointments were arranged for me by the Florida Association of Computer Users Groups
In total, I was able to promote the advantages of using Avast
to 1200 club members in various clubs located throughout Florida.

3-1-2017 Under the Computer Hood UG - San Diego, CA

This kick off presentation for my visit to California was well received by the
members of the Under the Computer Hood Users Group

2-27-2017 Valencia Reserve Computer Club - Boynton Beach, FL

This was my final presentation in Florida. We kept running out of chairs and had
to have more brought in twice to accommodate the club and community members.
A very interested audience that asked many questions during and after the presentation.

Avast 17.2.2288 build 17.2.3409.0


2-26-2017 Bellagio Computer and Technology Club - Lake Worth, FL

Another nice turnout. It started with a hot breakfast and I was next on the menu.
The club had many questions during and following the presentation.

2-25-2017 Cascade Lakes Computer and Technology Club - Boynton Beach, FL


Avast WiFi - Inspector


2/23/2017 Platina Computer Club - Boynton Beach, FL


Avast 2017 - Getting to the Virus Chest


Setting up a Scheduled Scan in Avast 2017


2-21-2017 Betmar Users Group - Zephyrhills, FL

Another day that involved a lot of driving. Florida is a big state.
The remainder of my Florida presentations are all located near each other.

2-21-2017 Buttonwood Bay Bytes - Sebring, FL


2-20-2017 Valencia Falls Computer and Technology Club - Delray Beach, FL

I was also their "Ask the Expert" in the Valencia Falls Computer and Technology Club's
per-presentation segment.

Avast Smart Scan in Avast Free 17.2.2287


Facebook - Stop Auto Video Play


2-17-2017 Senior Network User Group - Tampa, FL

Lot's of driving yesterday. I started in Naples Fl, drove to Tampa, FL for the presentation
and then headed back to Boynton Beach, FL for my Hotel. .

2/16/2017 PCBUG of Naples Florida

The members of the Personal Computer Business Users Group of Naples, Florida (PCBUG)
were extremely interested in the information passed along by the presentation.
They had many questions during and aftr the presentation.

Avast Emergency Updater

What to do if you're in a hurry to get your fix.

Upgrading to a Paid version of Avast

Very often the best price is available by choosing the Upgrade within Avast Free. 

This also shows you how to de-activate the auto renewal function in the paid version 

at the time of purchase.

2-14-2017 Palm Isles Computer Club - Boynton Beach, FL

Looks are deceiving. The auditorium hold 600 people.
There are actually 146 residents of this community in attendance.
The presentation was followed by a very long Q&A session.

2-13-2017 Boca Raton Computer Society - Boca Raton, FL

The Boca Raton Computer Society is a very small but very interested Club.

2-10-2017 Deerfield Beach Computer Club - Deerfield Beach FL

The members of the Deerfield Beach CC turned out in full force.

Quick Access to Avast Settings


2-8-2017 The Cascades Computer Club - Port St Lucie, FL

The members of the The Cascades Computer Club turned out in great numbers
for this afternoons presentation. The club members asked a lot of questions both during the
presentation and at the end during the Q&A session. It made for a fun afternoon.

Newest Release of Avast 17.1.2286


2-7-2017 Eagle Point Mobil Home Park - Punta Gorda, Fl

This morning I had the please to do a presentation
for some of the residents of the Eagle Point Mobil Home Park
Nice turnout. The presentation actually started late because of the amount of
interested residents attending. It was followed by a Q&A session.

Latest Avast Beta version 17.1.2284


2-2-2017 Lake Sumter Computer Society - Leesburg, FL

Image Lake Sumter Computer Society invited 2 other clubs to attend today's presentation. By doing that the turnout was much greater than just doing a presentation for the host club.

2-1-2017 Sun City Center Computer Club, Fl.

A great way to start of my visit to the clubs in Florida. A very interested audience.

February 2017 means Florida for me.

As you can see I'll be covering a bit of Florida's real estate in the next month:

If you're in Fl and are near one of the clubs I'll be visiting, why not join the club members. Bet you would enjoy it.

1-19-2017 Sun City Festival Computer Bytes Club - Buckeye, AZ

The Members and Guests of the club were squeezed in pretty tight. They had to rustle up some
additional chairs to accommodate the large turnout. Lots of questions during and after the presentation.
It was a nice way to end the Arizona Jan. 2017 Tour. I finally made it back home at 2:30 AM on 1/20/2017.

1-19-2017 Mesa Regal Computer Club - Mesa, AZ

1/19/2017 was my final day in Arizona. As you can see, The members and Guests of the Mesa Regal Computer Clubturned out in full force.

1-18-2017 Golden Vista Computer Club - Apache Junction, AZ

As you can see, the members of the Golden Vista Computer Club turned out in full force.

1-17-2017 Rock Comp Computer Club - Apache Junction, AZ

A small but very interested group who use computers and smart devices.

1-17-2017 Las Palmas Computer Club - Mesa, AZ


1-16-2017 Computer Club at Apache Wells - Mesa, AZ

This isn't as big a club as the one I visited in the morning but they asked quite a few questions.

1-16-2017 Silvercome Computer Club - Mesa, AZ

Well over 100 Members attended this mornings presentation.
It was followed by an extensive Q&A session that lasted about 20 minutes.

1/14/2017 Prescott Computer Society - Prescott, AZ

This afternoon I had the pleasure of doing a presentation to a full house
for the members of the Prescott Computer Society.
Lots of questions during and after the presentation.