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11-7-2018 Royal Highlands Computer/Tech Club - Lake Sumter,FL

I spent a delightful afternoon with the folks at Royal Highlands CC/Tech Club
Remote presentations are great when it comes to passing along knowledge to a smaller club far away. It doesn't work to share all the cookies and coffee that the club had to offer for those in attendance.
The members were very attentive and there was an extensive Q&A session after the presentation. Someone even asked if I know how to convert Cassette Tapes to digital format. My advice was to do a search. Here is just one result,
This was my final presentation in support of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. In total, there were a total of 26 presentations.

11-3-2018 APCUG Virtual Technology Conference

It was my privileged this morning to do my presentation for the APCUG's final
virtual technology conference for 2018. The presentation will eventually be available on their
YouTube channel.

10/30/2018 Tulsa Computer Society - Tulsa, OK

Last night I enjoyed spending my evening with the members of TCS.
They are a small but very interested group and asked a lot of questions after the presentation.
We had an interesting discussion about the 2019 and beyond expected Cyber Security pitfalls and
some of the ways to avoid those dangers.

10-27-2018 Channel Islands PC Users Group - Camarillo, CA

This afternoon I had the pleasure to remotely visit California with the members of CIPCUG.  
The presentation was devoted to the new Avast Secure Browser. We covered the browsers many security and privacy settings through videos and hands on demonstration using the Secure Browser on my system.
I also shared a video showing a custom install of the browser.
There were many questions during and following the presentation.

10/26/2018 Deerfield Beach Computer Club Inc, Deerfield Beach, FL

Yesterday mornings topic was "All About Avast" and that's what we concentrated on during this presentation. It was a combination of videos highlighting many of the Avast features and a hands on Q@A session. The answers where demonstrated on my computer using the latest Free version of Avast.
The presentation was well received by the club members that attended.

10-25-2018 Brookdale Computer Users Group - Middletown, NJ

I had a nice visit with the folks at
The club was very interested in the topic and followed the presentation with some questions.

10-24-2018 Glendora Seniors Computer Club - Glendora, CA

This afternoon I received a warm welcome for those attending the meeting of the gscClub.
I received questions pertaining to the use of a VPN and many other topics. One member also asked how to avoid the Avast popup regarding cleaning up some of the programs and files on her computer.

10-23-2018 Victoria Computer Club - Victoria, BC, Canada

This afternoons presentation was on the west coast and north of the border.
I received a warm welcome for the members of the Victoria Computer Club and the members had some questions for me after the presentation which I was happy to answer.

10-22-2018 Bits and Bytes - Oklahoma City, OK

I spent part of this afternoon in Oklahoma City. (remotely)
For a small club, the members had a lot of questions which I was happy to receive and answer.

10-22-2018 CVC - Denver, CO

This was sponsored through a Community Organization. This mornings presentation was followed by a Q&A session. Those in attendance didn't have a lot of questions. Hopefully, the presentation answered all of their questions.

10-21-2018 East-Central Ohio Technology Users Club - Newark, OH

Today's presentation was for the for the Members and Guests of the ECOTU Club.
I'm a member of this club and I actually had a cake made in my honor.
Unfortunately remote presentations don't include remote eating of that cake.

Thank you Mary Frances for the thought.
We had a great meeting followed by a Q&A session. I stayed connected to remotely
take in the regular club meeting which followed my presentation.
There are plans in the works for me to again visit the clubs in the Midwest part
of the country during the summer of next year.

10-20-2018 Seniors Computer Group - San Diego, CA

I spent a part of my morning with the members of the Seniors Computer Group
This was another presentation devoted to the new Avast Secure Browser.
The presentation was well received and the club members had a lot of questions for me.
I had quite a few question on "Is this really a free Product" and I was happy to yes "YES".

10-18-2018 Modesto PCUG - Modesto, CA

For Presentation #3 on Thursday, I visited with the members of the Modesto PC Users Group.
The presentation was viewed on a large flat-screen TV while enjoying Pizza.

10-18-2018 PCBUG - Naples, FL

I spent the early part of this evening with the Personal Computer Business Users Group.
We followed the presentation with a Q&A session covering various security topics.

10-18-2018 ccOKC Computer Club - Oklahoma City, OK

I spent this morning with the members of the ccOKC Computer Club.
This presentation was "All About the Avast Secure Browser". All though this was a remote presentation,
it was a combination of hands on demonstrations and videos demonstrating the many security and privacy
features of the Avast Secure Browser.
The questions ranged from Browser related questions to questions about Avast Antivirus,
Avast SecureLine and hints on keeping Facebook safe. We also covered a method for checking if
your Facebook account was actually controlled by you.

10-17-2018 The Personal Computer Club of Toronto - Toronto, Canada

A very interested and interesting group. They asked many questions both during
and after the presentation. The clubs meetings are always via ZOOM

Avast Free 2019 - Smart Scan


10-10-2018 SCV Computer Club - Newhall, CA

Last nights last but certainly not least presentation was spent with my friends in
Santa Clarita Valley. Most of the Q@A session was spent on discussing e-mail security.
We also talk about the "Call from Microsoft" and other similar scams and how best to avoid them.

10-10-2018 Madison PCUG - Madison, WI

I spent the first presentation last night with the Madison PC Users Group.
During the fairly long Q&A session after the presentation, we spent some time talking
about the recent Facebook hack and how using the "Where you're Logged In" option can help
in determining if your Facebook account was hacked or not.

10-9-2018 Rochester Computer Society–Rochester, NY

Last night, I remotely visited Rochester, NY and spent an enjoyable hour
with the club members. We ended the presentation with a Q&A session.

10-9-2018 Four Seasons Computer Club - Beaumont, CA

I spent this morning, remotely, with the folks in the Four Seasons Community.
Once we solved a connectivity problem, all went smoothly for the presentation.

10/8/2018 Komputer Enthusiasts of Greater Seattle - Seattle WA

I spent the second presentation of the night with the folks in Seattle WA.
You'll find more information about K.E.G.S. here:

10/8/2018 Central Kentucky Computer Society - Lexington, KY

I was told that it was warmer in Lexington KY than here in NM.
The presentation was followed by a Q&A session.
You can find out more about the club on their website:

10-7-2018 SLO Bytes PC Users Group - San Luis Obispo CA

This afternoons presentation was graciously received by the members
of the Slo Bytes PC Users Group. A small but very interested group.

10-6-2018 Hawaii Aloha Chapter MOAA - Honolulu, HI

This morning, (9:00 AM) for them, afternoon (1:00 PM) for me. I was happy to address and pass along some security related information to this group of Military Officers.

10-5-2018 PC Community Computer Users Group - Hayward California

The meeting started a bit later than expected but everything went smoothly.A Q&A session followed the presentation.

10-4-2018 Wisconsin All-computer Users Club - Milwaukee, WI (Remote)

Last nights presentation for the Wisconsin All-computer Users Club in  Milwaukee
was the first of many October 2018 remote presentation.
The presentation was followed by a Question & Answer Session

It's always nice when you receive a round of applause at the end of the presentation.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

I'll be doing my part thanks to Avast Software by remotely visiting more than 20 clubs across the US and Canada.
I'll be using ZOOM to do these presentations and will be covering the following 3 topics:
If it's Connected, it needs to be Protected -
All about the Avast Secure Browser:
All about Avast:

9-25-2018 Let's Compute - Sun City Palm Desert, CA

See all the pictures
A great afternoon spent with the members of the Let's Compute computer club.
I'm glad the air-conditioning was working since today's temperature reached 107.

Software Updater - Avast Free Antivirus


9-10-2018 Southern Tier Personal Computing Club (STPCC) - Vestal NY

An interesting remote presentation. The clubs camera and mike wasn't working.
They said they heard and saw my end but, I couldn't interact with the audience.
The Q&A was done via phone after I finished the presentation.

Ccleaner 5.46 back to being Ccleaner


8-28-2018 Venture In Computer Club, Show Low, AZ

Click here for all the pictures
It was an enjoyable afternoon with the members of the club.
They enjoyed the presentation and had lots of questions.

Avast WIFI Inspector - A closer look


Clean Install New Release Avast Free v.18.6.2349


Using Amazon's Alexa on Windows 10

Living Room, Kitchen, Den, Smart Devices and now on my computers.

8-8-2018 SCV Computer Club Santa Clarita Valley, CA (Remote)

(All About the Avast Secure Browser)

As you can tell from the title, this presentation covered the new Avast Secure Browser
We covered the reasons why IMHO, this is an excellent default browser.
We covered the security aspects. We covered the Banking mode even though I could only describe it.
Banking Mode does not show up in a remote presentation or in screenshot, etc.
A request was made regarding importing bookmarks directly from Firefox. A good idea and I've already passed that along.
Lots of questions and hands on demonstrations and answers.
I enjoyed my visit with the members of the SCV Computer Club last night

Selling the Free version of Avast Antivirus


7/24/2018 The Bowling Green Computer User Group - Bowling Green, KY

This is a small excerpt from the 7/24/2018 remote presentation for the members of the
Bowling Green Computer User Group in Bowling Green, KY.
If you're interested in a presentation for your technology group, simply contact me.
There is never a charge to the club or its members for this service provided by Avast Software s.r.o

Microsoft's Challenge to Slack (


7-12-2018 Computer Club Oklahoma City, OK

Click here to see all the other pictures.
Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of addressing the members and guests of the
Computer Club of Oklahoma City -  It was a great way to start the day.
As you can see, the members turned out in force. I'd call that a great Oklahoma welcome.
Those in attendance had lots of questions both during the presentation and during the Q&A that started after the morning coffee break.

7-6-2018 Fireworks in Long Beach, L. I., NY

Yesterday while in NY doing Avast sponsored Security Seminars,
I had the pleasure to watch the Fireworks in Long Beach, NY on 7/6/2018

7-5-2018 Westchester PC Users Group (WPCUG) - White Plains NY

More Pictures
Last night I had the pleasure of addressing the members of the WPUG
The presentation was followed by a lengthy Q&A session that followed me
all the way out into the parking lot.

Facebook Censorship

Facebook STANDARDS apparently aren't the same as mine. They decided to remove one of my posts because it didn't meet their standards. I thought there was nothing wrong about posting a short video of a few pictures of Alice and I. No wonder there are folks in an uproar about Facebook's censorship. You can see the video here:

DACS - Danbury Area Computer Society Danbury CT

See more pictures.
Enjoying a pleasant evening with the members of DACS

6/30/2018 PATACS - OPCUG Fairfax, VA

See more Pictures
Today I had the pleasure of doing an Avast sponsored presentation for the members of the OLLI PC User Group, and Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society in Fairfax, VA

The Benefits of getting OLDER


5-129-2018 North Texas PC Users Group Dallas TX - Remote Presentation

A fun morning spent with a group in Dallas TX remotely via ZOOM.
You'll find a small excerpt from the Q&A that followed the presentation at:

5-16-2018 The Personal Computer Club of Toronto, Canada

Last nights presentation was "All About Avast"
The main topic was Avast Antivirus but,
we spent quite a bit of time discussing Avast's new Secure Browser