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11-7-2018 Royal Highlands Computer/Tech Club - Lake Sumter,FL

I spent a delightful afternoon with the folks at Royal Highlands CC/Tech Club
Remote presentations are great when it comes to passing along knowledge to a smaller club far away. It doesn't work to share all the cookies and coffee that the club had to offer for those in attendance.
The members were very attentive and there was an extensive Q&A session after the presentation. Someone even asked if I know how to convert Cassette Tapes to digital format. My advice was to do a search. Here is just one result,
This was my final presentation in support of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. In total, there were a total of 26 presentations.

11-3-2018 APCUG Virtual Technology Conference

It was my privileged this morning to do my presentation for the APCUG's final
virtual technology conference for 2018. The presentation will eventually be available on their
YouTube channel.