This is where Alice and I are spending this day.
Alice is back at "14 Roberts" the 14th floor of the Roberts Building
at Baylor University Medical Center.

She's in the process of getting her 2nd post transplant evaluation.
It may not be a lot of fun but it's one of the many tools that are used to
ensure her and all their other transplant patients continued good health.
As you can probably tell, I'm very proud of the skills possessed by the
Transplant Surgeons here at Baylor Medical Center.

To learn more about the liver transplant procedure, pleas take a look
at this website.

There are currently almost 100,000 people waiting for a transplant
in the US alone.

Volunteering as a donor is therefore more important than ever and,
is as easy as checking off the donor spot when you get or renew your
drivers license.

You'll find answers to any questions you may have concerning your
decision to become an organ donor at the following website:


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