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Inside Sequoia National Monument


9/28/2012 Sequoia National Monument

Some pictures from our stop over at Sequoia National Monument on 9/28/2012 while in California
doing Security related Seminars. Thank you Avast for making this possible.
This tour coincides with Nation Cyber Security Month.

9-27-2012 Modesto PC Users Group

Getting ready for a presentation in Modesto CA
On 9/27/2012, 15 Members of the Modesto PC Users Group attended the presentation. This is small but very active group and they asked quite a few questions.

9-25-2012 Computer User’s Group of Redding, CA

On 9/25/2012, 46 members and guests of the CUGR attended the presentation at the Redding City Library
in Redding CA.
Here are a few pictures that were taken prior to the start of the presentation:

                 (click image to Enlarge) If you live in the area, you may want to Click here for contact information to this active and helpful Computer Users Group.

9-24-2012 Golden Gate Computer Society in San Rafael, CA

The 9/24/2012 Presentation before the  Golden Gate Computer Society
was attended by 68 Members and Guests and filled the Napa room of the Four Points Sheraton Hotel
in San Rafael, CA.Many of the questions asked were answered during the presentation and the rest
were addressed after the presentation.
(More pictures to follow) This is a very active Computer Club and an excellent source for help with almost any computer related problems.

9-23-2012 On my way to San Francisco

A stopover in Mesa AZ before heading on to San Francisco this morning.
The first presentation on this tour will be for the Golden Gate Computer Society on Mon 9/24/2012

9-14-2012 A Recap of Yesterdays Remote Presentation

                                 (Click image to start the video)
I'm still having a problem capturing the audio from the remote site.
(Eventually I'll find the right settings.)
As you can tell, doing a remote presentation 100% successfully depends on a lot of variables.
Not all of which are under the control of the presenter.

9-13-2012 Mid Hudson Computer Users Group

19 Members of the Mid-Hudson Computer Users Group in Poughkeepsie, NY,
attended the remote presentation on 9/13/2012.
The presentation was followed by a fairly lengthy Q&A session.

The trials and tribulations of doing a remote presentation. The Mid-Hudson Computer Users Group is another good source for help with your computer related problems.

9-7-2012 Icon PC Users Group

On 9-7-2012 I was at the Icon PC Users Group in Brentwood LI, NY.
Approximately 40 Members and guests attended the meeting.
We had a lot of questions both during the presentation and also afterwards.
The evening ended with a get together at the Peter Pan Diner in Bayshore LI, NY
where we discussed some further avast! related material.

(Click Image for a slideshow)
Icon PC Users Group in Brentwood LI, NY is another excellent source for help 
and knowledge if you're a computer user.
If you live in the area, give them a call or even better, join their Users Group.

9-6-2012 Westchester P C Users Group

On 9/6/2012 my avast! presentation took me to the Westchester PC Users Group in Westchester County NY.
The presentation was well received by the 52 member who where in attendance. The members also had a lot of questions some of these
came during the presentation and the rest where asked during the Q&A session that followed the presentation.
As you can see from their website, this club is very active and if you live in the area is a club worth joining.

                                                                                                          (Click image to Enlarge)

9-5-2012 Rockland PC Users Group and JCC in Rockland County NY

The flight from Albuquerque to Minneapolis was uneventful and so was the flight from
Minneapolis to NY's La Guardia airport until we came to within 120 miles of NY.
At that point, the pilot informed us that there where some weather delays and we might be delayed
by about 1 hr.
15 minutes later came the next announcement: We're low on fuel and are being diverted to Syracuse NY for
refueling. About 1 1/2 hrs later, we were airborne again and on our way to the original destination.
The landing was smooth as silk at La Guardia. Unfortunately they didn't have a gate available and we sat on the tarmac
for some time. Once they finally assigned us a gate, and we pulled up to the Jetway, we where told that the Jetway had been set up for a
larger plane and they where not able to align it with or smaller plane due to mechanical difficulties with the Jetway.
At about 11 PM, the problem was finally solved and we where able to get off the pane. The plane was originally supposed to land at 5 PM.

9/3/2012 Busy Day

A busy day today getting ready for tomorrows trip to NY
Here's a list of the the places where I'll be doing the Avast Presentation on:
Protecting Yourself, Your Computer and, Your Identity
9/5/2012 Jewish Community Center  450 West Nyack Road West Nyack NY
9/6/2012   Westchester PC Users Group 128 Grandview Avenue.  Room 265 Westchester NY (White Plains (Highlands Middle School)
9/7/2012   ICON PC User Group               Brentwood Library 34 2nd Avenue  Brentwood, NY
If you live close to any of these places, I'll save a place for you. Just let me know you're coming