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Out with the Old, In with the New

Happy New Year a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2015

Getting rid of ads in Skype

Do you use Skype ? If you don’t like the ads, My recent post in the Avast Support Forum might help you fix this annoyance:

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

The Christmas Season is the nicest time of the year. It's the time when we think of friends far and near.
A time to reflect of all that's happened during the past year and hope we can do things as well or better next year.
A time to give thanks to the Lord up above. A time to think about all those we love.
A time also to think about giving back to those in need some of the excess we really don't need.
This is the season for giving and sharing it's one way to show love for your fellow man by caring.
You're never taller than when you stoop to help someone in need. So step up and do that good deed.
Make next year be the best year of your life and share the joy with a friend, a neighbor, a relative and your partner in life.
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015 to everyone.

Avast Home Network Security

As more and more devices are added to your Home Network, securing that Network becomes increasingly important.
It's nice to know that even the free version of Avast includes Home Network Security (HNS)
You can run a Home Network Security Scan as one of the many scans available within the scan options in Avast.
The results may surprise you. Any vulnerability spotted and fixed will prevent access to your home network by the cyber crooks. This is especially important during the Holiday Season. The Holiday Season is a time for us to be happy, not a time for a Cyber crook to steal your information or identity.
Here is a little video that shows you just how easy it is to run one of these scans.

Vulnerabilities that may be found can be easily fixed using the guide posted by Lisandro Carmona on the Avast blog:
I hope your scan results are the same as mine:

If you need simple step by step instructions for suc…

Avast 2015 on Windows 10 Build 9879

If you're game enough to test Windows 10, then you might also like it to be protected 

by Avast 2015.

11-21-2014 Deerfield Beach Computer Club Inc - Deerfield Beach, FL

49 Members and Guests of the Club attended this mornings presentation.
An extensive Q&A session also followed this presentation.
There are already many converts to Avast in this club.

Please click here to see all the pictures.

11-20-2014 Lake Henri Computer User Group Winter Haven FL

35 Members of the Club attended this afternoons presentation.
The presentation was followed by a very extensive Q&A session.

Please click here to view all pictures.

Recover Browser Tab Closed In Error

Crap happens. This makes recovery easy!

11-19-2014 Company A - Delray Beach FL

This was not a computer club but, they all use computers and,
over 100 members attended this very lively meeting. 

Please click here to see all of the pictures.

I was made an honorary member of Company A

Avast 2015 on Windows 10 build 9879

If you're running Windows 10, you can now add Avast as your Antivirus protection.

Here are the directions.

11-12-2014 Lakes at Leesburg Computer and Technology Club


Virus Data Base Update Notification, Is it Really Missing?

This should answer your question why this feature needed to be removed.

When all else fails, reboot!

A rule every computer user needs to learn:

It might just fix your problem. (And save you a lot of money)

That also goes for your router when you're having internet problems!

If that doesn't cure what ails you, come back here and ask for specific help.
Don't forget to give us as much information as possible. It's your computer
and we aren't mind readers.
One last note of advice. There are some updates that require a total shutdown 
of your system and then  a restart in order for the changes to drivers to take effect.
(Originally posted on the Avast Support Forum at: Interesting Software and System News

Shortcut to Avast Reports and Logs

If you need to access Avast's Reports and/or Scan Logs regularly,

this will make it simple.

Avast GrimeFighter at work.


Avast 2015

Installing the new Avast 2015
    Click here for step by step instruction to Successfully install Avast.

10-13-2014 Presentation Excerpt

A small excerpt from my remote presentation for the members of the

Komputer Enthusiasts of Greater Seattle, WA (

Change Password In Dropbox


Recycle Bin - New In Windows 10


Adding New Command Prompt Features in Windows 10


9-30-2014 Dayton Microcomputer Association - Dayton, OH

Please click here to see all of the pictures
You can access their website at:
It was certainly easy to get to Dayton, OH tonight all the way from Los Lunas, NM
Via Skype Airlines. The price was also right.

Easy System Info in Win. 8.1

avast! 2015 Smart Scan

Another new feature coming in avast! 2015!

Disabeling Monitoring In Ccleaner

Microsoft exec: 'Windows 9' to be announced next week

Microsoft exec: 'Windows 9' to be announced next week
A personal Observation:
A new release of the Windows operating system has always brought with it a new learning curve.
Some folks have forgotten that. Some have also forgotten that learning new things is what keeps your mind active and your body young. Something that's more important for some of us than others.
For those of us that embraced and have worked with Windows 8 since it's early beta days, we always knew it was a much better operating system that the prior ones.
It's faster, more secure and, more compatible with older software than it's predecessors.
For those that missed the traditional start menu, there had always been a third party program that fixed that oversight from Microsoft. Adding  ClassicShell
to the mix, gave you back the start button and added the ability to bypass the metro apps screen entirely.
We are about to embark on the next release of Windows. This new versi…

9-23-2014 Computer Club at Venture In – Show Low, AZ


Talk Like A Pirate Day!

If you're using avast! (and why wouldn't you?) simply downloadthis file to a folder you can find. Double click on the file after the download finishes and,  avast! will talk like a pirate. Have Fun, be free and, stay safe!

9-15-2014 Lehigh Valley Computer Group - Allentown, PA


9-11-2013 NASAC User Group - Xenia, OH


9-9-2014 Lorain County Computer Users Group


9-11-2001 A Day I Will Never Forget!

This isn't posted for political reasons but to honor those that gave and lost their lives on 9/11/2001

If it bothers you, please don't watch and please, don't post negative comments. Thanks

Avast Free For EDU

8-15-2014 Brookdale Computer Users Group - Lincroft, NJ


avast!Free 2015 beta 1

Just made available by Avast. See what's new. Become a beta tester!

8-12-2014 RPCUG and WPCUG Palisades Center Mall West Nyack, NY

Please click here to see all the pictures taken
Here are the links to the clubs websites:
Rockland PC Users Group -
Westchester PC Users Group -

8/5/2014 DACS - Danbury, CT

Please click here to view all the pictures taken last night.
Last night I had the pleasure of doing a presentation for the members and guests
of the Danbury Area Computer Society (DACS) at the Danbury Hospital in Danbury CT.

8-1-2014 ICON PC Users Group–Brentwood LI, NY

The rest of the pictures are available here.
Last night I had the pleasure to address
the members of the ICON PC Users Group.
The presentation was followed by a Q&A Session
which spilled over to the Dinner which some of the members
and I shared at the Peter Pan Diner in Brentwood NY.

avast! v214.9.0.2021 RescueDisk creation

When your system doesn't boot, this could save your butt!

Renewing avast! SecureLine

2014 FIFA World Cup Caution

The World Cup may be over but, the Scams continue.

Germany Wins the 2014 World Cup!

7-11-2014 PC Community Computer Users Group – Hayward CA

Last nights presentation for the PC Community in Hayward CA, was done remotely for a small Audience (15).
Remote presentations for any audience is harder than a live presentation. When the internet connection at the
remote site is challenged, it makes for a long and interesting evening.
Since the members of the club didn't want to give up, neither would I.
It took over 2 1/2 hrs. to finish a presentation that normally takes an hour.
The club members still enjoyed the knowledge they gained from the presentation and are anxiously waiting for the
follow up information I always sent out.
It's always nice when what looked like a certain disaster still turns out to be a huge success.

Happy Birthday America

6-26-2014 Community Computer Class - Hemet CA


6-10-2014 Rochester Computer Society–Rochester NY

On 6/10/2014 I had the pleasure of doing a remote presentation for the 20 Members of theRochester Computer Society who attended the meeting that evening.Please click here to view all the pictures taken.Arpad Kovacs, better known as “podman”, was good enoughto take these pictures for me. (Thanks Arpad) Even though I prefer to do  presentations in person, it isn’t  always possible and doing it remotely makes the information available evento the most remote clubs. It also makes presentations available to smaller clubs.You can access the clubs website at:

avast! Facebook Security Module (Beta)

Is your Facebook account really as secure as it should be ?

5-28-2014 Ocean Hills Computer Club – Oceanside CA


5-27-2014 TUGNET - Granada Hills CA

Click here to see the pictures.You can reach their website for further information at:

5-27-2014 Computer Club of Menifee Valley – Sun City CA

Please click here to view the pictures.You can reach their website at: you live in the area, why not become a member. The price is certainly right!

Facebook and Basic Privacy

5-24-2014 Channel Islands PCUG–Camarillo CA


5-22-2014 Modesto PC Users Group - Modesto CA


5-20-2014 Claremont Computer Club - Claremont CA


5-15-2014 Sun Lakes Computer Club - Banning CA


5-14-2014 Palmia Computer Club Mission Viejo CA


5-14-2014 Computer Friends of OASIS - Corona del Mar CA


5-13-2014 Laguna Woods Village PC Club - Laguna Woods CA


5-10-2014 WINNERS Computer User Group - Fountain Valley CA


5-8-2014 Long Beach Computer Club Long Beach CA

Please click here to view all the pictures.
You can visit their website for more information about the club at:

5-8-2014 Community Computer Club of La Verne CA

Please click here to see all of the pictures.
Although the club still has a website, they no longer have anyone to maintain it.
                                         Any volunteers ?

5/7/2014 Under the Computer Hood User Group San Diego CA

Please click here to view the pictures
The Clubs website and further information is available at:

5-5-2014 Greater South Bay Users Group Torrance CA


5-4-2014 North Orange Computer Club

To see all of the pictures, please click here.
27 Members of the North Orange Computer Club attended yesterdays presentation.

5-3-2014 The Senior Computer Group of San Diego CA


5-1-2014 Big Bear Computer Club - Big Bear Lake CA

Click here to see all of the pictures.
You'll find more information about this club at:
The also have an interesting newsletter:

VLC Media Player Plays YouTube Videos

Now and Then

avast!Free v9.0.2018.391

There is a new program version available and I suggest that you update to the

latest release.

Making Windows XP D-Day a little easier.

How to get your data from Windows XP to a new PCRemember that avast! Antivirus still protects your Windows XP system if you’ve decided to keep it.

4-5-2014 North Texas PC Users Group Dallas TX


Action Center "Check virus protection" Notice

If you've just done an avast! Program update and see this notice, here's a quick fix.

3-25-2014 Western NY Computer Society - University of Buffalo, South Campus in Buffalo, NY

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of spending a little over an hour with the members of
The WNY Computer Society. They were in Buffalo NY, I was in Meadow Lake NM and Skype
made this remote presentation possible.

The nice thing about doing a remote presentation is that the trip home is very fast.
The bad thing is that the people interaction usually a big part of the presentation
is totally missing.
Thanks Jack Berlin of the WNY Computer Society for inviting me.