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4-29-2012 Home Sweet Home - But not for long!

It was a pleasant flight home as is evident from the pictures and the video. On the plane, I think I had the  best seat in the house .                                                       (click image to Enlarge)                                                                                 (click image to Enlarge) This month I was able to  visit 9 clubs around the greater Los Angeles area .  The presentations where viewed by a total of 470 members of the various clubs. I'll be home long enough for Alice to wash my clothes. On Tuesday 5/1/2012 I'll be in Chicago for the South Suburban Sig

4-28-2012 Channel Island PC Users Group in Camarillo, CA

                                                   (click Picture to Enlarge) 85 Members of the  Channel Islands PC Users Group Camarillo, CA attended this mornings presentation.  There where lot's of questions and a great interest in converting to both  avast! 7  and the  avast! Free Mobile Security Suite . I even managed to wet some Mac users appetites to get  avast! 7 Mac  edition.                                                    (click Picture to Enlarge)

4-26-2012 Thousand Oaks Personal Computer Club

(click Picture to Enlarge) On 4/26/2012, 19 Members of the  Thousand Oaks Personal Computer Club  in Thousand Oaks CA. attended the evenings presentation on " Protecting Yourself, Your Computer and, Your Identity ".  This was a fairly small but very inquisitive group. I was glad to see that they asked many questions. We'll also see some new installs from some of this clubs members of the new  avast! Free for Mac  version  which was just released. Tomorrow  morning I'll be at the  Channel Islands PC Users Group in Camarillo, CA

4-25-2012 Ocean Hills Computer Club in Oceanside CA and the California Southland AITP

87 Members and Guests of the  Ocean Hills Computer Club  in Oceanside, California attended this afternoon Presentation on 4/25/2012.  We had a very extensive Question and Answer session after the presentation and many of the members are waiting for conversion instructions.                                                           (click picture to Enlarge)   15 Tech savvy members of the  California Southland AITP  attended this evening presentation which was held at  Coco's Bakery and Restaurant in Garden Grove, CA. The presentation followed an excellent dinner. Many of those attending are waiting to convert to avast! as soon as they receive the conversion instructions.                           (click picture to Enlarge)

4-24-2012 Claremont Senior Computer Club, Claremont, CA

                                                       (Click any picture to Enlarge) 64 Members and Guests of the  Claremont Senior CC  in Claremont CA asked many questions during the Presentation   which started at 7:30 PM on 4/24/2012. Tomorrow 4/25/2012, I'll be the guest of the  Ocean Hills Computer Club and the  California Southland AITP

From Sea to Shining Sea

                                          From Sea to Shining Sea                                                                                  The Avast Security Seminar                                                             "Protecting yourself and Your Identity Online" Not that long ago, the presentation was made aboard the  Sky  while in the Bahama's which are located in the  Atlantic Ocean. On June 2, 2012 I'll be doing the presentation for the  TUG  which is  the oldest user group in Hawaii and, is part of the Military Officers Association of America, Hawaii Chapter (MOAA) which has somewhere around a thousand members.   (Only a small portion of those members ever attend the meetings.) The  TUG  meets in Honolulu  which is in Hawaii and,  is located in the  Pacific Ocean . Aloha every one.

4-14-2012 WINNERS CUG in Fountain Valley CA.

On 4/14/2012 I had my last presentation on this trip before the   WINdows usERS CUG   in  Fountain Valley, CA. 32 Members attended the presentation.The questions and answers over lunch where a great addition to this meeting. Unfortunately I   wasn't able to get any pictures. I'm actually lucky that I made it to this meeting at all. My original information had this meeting set for 1PM. I only found out at 10:00 AM,by going to their website, that the meeting actually starts at 10:00 AM I got very lucky. I made it to the meeting place in 20 minutes.  That was excellent time. We are talking about Los Angels..... I was greeted by some happy and smiling faces. The meeting finished within the time frame allotted and just in time for me to be invited to join the group for lunch. Lunch consisted of some excellent  food and even better conversation. [ One week from tomorrow, I'll be back in California for an additional 5 presentations.

4-11-2011 Oasis Computer Friends and the Palmia Computer Club

62 members and guests of the  Oasis Computer Friends in Newport Beach CA  attended the afternoons lively and interesting presentation on 4/11/2012.  This session was a little longer that usual because of all the questions that required answers.                                                     (Click image to Enlarge) The evenings presentation at the  Palmia Computer Club   in Mission Viejo, CA  was viewed by 59 of it's members and guests. Many of them are waiting for the conversion instructions which will be both emailed and posted on their website.                                                                        (Click image to Enlarge)

4-10-2012 LACS meeting in Los Angeles California

The Eagle has landed: I'm now in Los Angles and will be doing the 1st of 4 presentations tonight for the  Los Angeles Computer Society . If you're in the area, stop by and say hello. _______________________________________________________________________________ 57 Members of the  LACS  attended last nights presentation.  It was a very interesting evening and they asked many questions.                                                     (click image to Enlarge) I just received this from the  LACS To listen to the streamed podcast simply left click the "MP3" icon.   Left click on "MP3" icon to listen to  Avast! Free antivirus with anti-spyware protection for Windows by Norbert Gostischa - Part 1 Left click on "MP3" icon to listen to  Avast! Free antivirus with anti-spyware protection for Windows by Norbert Gostischa - Part 2 Unfortunately you only get to hear me when I answer a question. You will have to use your imagination