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Happy Birthday

The first year of this great adventure is over.

Here are some of the statistics:

If you've kept up with the pictures, you would have notices they cover
this great country from one ocean to the other.
I did a total of 66 presentations during the past year.
My overall audience totaled 3132.
I can't tell you how many of those 3100+ people are currently using avast!
I certainly hope that many of them have converted and I am sure that most of
those attending the Presentation are a little more conscious of their computer security.

ICON PC Users Group

I've always been taught that self praise is something you avoid for obvious reasons.
When it's received from someone else and totally unexpectedly, it's always nice.

It's also a nice endorsement of Avast Software and avast! Anti Virus Software in particular.

Do You Have a Microsoft Related Problem ???

How often do you have a question related to either your Microsoft Operating system or a Microsoft Product 

Why not search for the problem on MicrosoftAnswers? Who knows, you might even get the right answer.

11/14/2011 A Presentation Close to Home

19 members of the Bosque Farms Community Center stayed for the presentation on
"Protecting Yourself and Your Identity Online" after filling their bellies with some good food.
The presentation including many questions and lasted about two hours.
It's always nice when the audience asks a lot of questions.
I know they are interested and I also know they aren't sleeping.

11/14/2011 Bosque Farms Community Computer Safety Seminar

On Monday (11/14/2011) I'm the guest speaker at the Bosque Farms Community Center//
This will be a combined meeting of the Community and Senior Center and,
will be a little different than usual format since this presentation is for Computer Users
but not a Computer Club. It is billed as a Computer Safety Seminar.

Yosemite National Park 10-10-2011

Yosemite National Park 10-10-2011

One of the fringe benefits of doing my presentation on
"Protecting Yourself and Your Identity On Line" for Avast Software the
makers of avast! Anti Virus,  is the ability to visit a lot of our great country and
share some of the wonders of nature with everyone.

Presentation for the Senior CC in San Diego CA

86 very interested members of the Senior CC in San Diego attended
the presentation on 10/15/2011

Do You Know The Way to San Diego

While on my way to San Diego, I was able to take a few pictures.

Taking a rest

Feeding the Sea Gulls

Back to work

A California Sky

Personal Interaction

One of the benefits of these Presentations is the personal interaction with new avast! converts.
The following picture depicts on of these instances.

Today is a travel day. I'll be leaving Long Beach CA this morning for San Diego CA. (I think I've been there before )
Tomorrow I'll be doing my final presentation during this trip for the Seniors Computer Group.

A Pat on the Back

It's always nice when you're rewarded with a pat on the back.  

Today's schedule takes me to the Community Computer Club of La Verne this afternoon and,
tonight I'll be doing a presentation for the members of the Long Beach Computer Club

Welcome to LA

Welcome to Los Angeles

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting and sharing the benefits of using avast! with 49 members of TUGNET

This afternoon I'll be at the Glendora Seniors Computer Club and tonight I'll be visiting the
SCV Computer Club
Getting to Big Bear Lake CA on 10-5-2011.

I never said it was easy but, it sure was worthwhile.

This was home for 2 days:

34 very interested members and guests of the Big Bear computer Club who asked lots of questions. attended the presentation on 10/6/2011.

California Here I Come!

I'll be leaving for CA. on Wed for approximately 2 weeks.
The first presentation will be at The Big Bear Computer Club on Oct. 6th
Come on over and say hello.

Protecting Yourself and Your Identity Online

For those of you interested in a 3 min. sample of the presentation,
you can download or listen to it by clicking here.
If you like what you hear and see in this introduction and would like the whole presentation,
why not contact me and set up a presentation for your club.
Remember, there is no charge to you or your club for my services.
Alice and I really enjoyed the South West Computer Conference in San Diego!

avast! Security Seminar Update 3/2/2011

A fairly large Computer Users Group
attending an avast! Security Seminar.
It was very enjoyable to address this very receptive
and interested group.

This meeting was held at a middle school in Sarasota Fla and attended by over 200 members of the users group.