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10-30-2012 Avast! Now Free for Schools, Colleges and Libraries - In the US


11-23-2012 A Nice Pop Up from avast!

I was greeted with this shortly after I turned on my computer this morning.

What makes this nice you ask
1. I know that my virus data base was just updated
2. Some great News - There is no reason for our Schools to not fully protect their systems from infections.
3. The student attending our schools will also be more secure.
4. The current budget crunch is no longer a reason to go without proper protection by our Schools.
More detail are available at:
Thank You Avast Software - Great move.

11-21-2012 Thank You!

Thank you Yomar and the rest of the Big Bear Computer Club.

11-20-2012 My Vacation is almost Over!

My vacation is almost over.

Arizona is where it all began 2 years ago.

Installing avast!7 Free on Windows 8 Pro

Installing avast!7 Free on Windows 8 Pro

Connecting to WiFi in Windows 8


Introducing Windows 8 – An EBook Directly from Microsoft Publishing


Windows 8–This should answer all your questions!

Windows 8 Super Guide
If you've installed it, here are some guides to help you learn your new OS.
If you're thinking about it, this might help you decide.
(I'm already totally committed - have been since early beta.)
Many of the questions you might have, are probably already answered
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