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Happy 2013 to Everyone

To all of my friends - Real or just in Cyberspace - Have a fantastic 2013

2012 The Year In Review

                  2012 The Year in Review
Protecting Yourself, Your Computer and, Your indentity
It's been a fairly busy year in which I did 105 Presentations  for 5160 + attendees
Those attending the presentation came from various Computer Clubs through out the USA
and from the reception and feedback, many of those attending are now using avast!
I traveled almost 60 000 Miles and was able to see a great deal of this country.

My bags are packed and I'm ready to leave on the next adventure.
In January 2013 I'll be in Arizona and California.

Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays - Happy 2013

May the warmth of the Christmas season always be in your heart. May 2013 be a year of sharing with those who need a hand.  May the good Lord bestow his blessing upon you and this great land. May the new year bestow some wisdom on those that rule. May the good Lord teach all of us the golden rule. May the New Year be filled with much happiness and very little sorrow. May you always have a great tomorrow.

12-21-2012 Four Parks Senior Computer Club Florence AZ

21 Members and Guests of the  Four Parks Senior Computer Club
attended yesterday's afternoon presentation.
This is a small club and it was nice to see so many guests at this meeting
Who where interested in learning more about computer safety.
Judging by the questions I was asked, most of these guests will probably become
Club members and avast! users.

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12-20-2012 Westbrook Village Computer Club - Peoria AZ

49 Members and Guests of the Westbrook Village Computer Club attended this evenings presentation.
It was followed by a Q&A session that covered many subjects including Windows 8 conversion.
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12-20-2012 Sunflower Resort Computer Club – Surprise AZ

44 Members and Guests of the Sunflower Resort Computer Club attended this mornings presentation.

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The afternoon presentation was held at the Happy Trails Computer Club and was attended by 19 Members and Guests of the club.

12-19-2012 Phoenix PC Users Group Tempe AZ

A small group of educators attended last nights meeting 
For the Phoenix PC Users Group. It was held at the University of Advanced Technology.
Following the meeting, we had a long discussion planning some future presentations
for some of the colleges and other community groups in the area. 

12-19-2012 Fountain of the Sun Computer Club - Mesa AZ

22 Members of the FOSComputerClub attended this afternoons presentation.
An informative Q&A session followed the presentation.

                                     (click image to Enlarge)

12-19-2012 RockCom Computer Club Apache Junction AZ

34 members of the RockCom Computer Club attended this mornings presentation.
Which was followed by a Q&A session that covered many topics.

                                     (click image to Enlarge)

12-18-2012 Computer Club of Sun City

Yesterdays presentation was unfortunately cancelled.
I didn't find out about it till I made the trip to their club.
I was told this isn't the first time this has happened to a presenter and is the
reason why this club, staring next year, will not be a member of AZACC
I was able to take this picture last night of one of the houses that are ready for Christmas:

There are three presentations scheduled for today.

12-17-2012 Mission Royale Computer Club Casa Grande AZ

This is a brand new Club and 11 members attended this afternoons presentation.
Lots of questions during the presentation and an extensive Q&A session
followed the presentation on a variety of subjects.

12-17-2012 Leisure World Computer Club Mesa AZ

44 Members and Guests attended this mornings presentation.
It was nice to find out that almost 1/2 of the Members attending are now using avast!7

                     (click image to Enlarge)

12-15-2012 Prescott Computer Society – Prescott AZ

12-15-2012 This afternoons presentation in Prescott AZ for the Prescott Computer society
was attended by 19 Members of the Club despite the snowstorm that was raging outside.

                                     (click image to Enlarge)
Click on the following picture to see a slideshow of the rest of the pictures taken.

Neither rain nor snow can keep me from my appointed task to deliver the Avast sponsored presentation.

12-14-2012 SuperCom Computer Club – Apache Junction AZ

101 Members and Guests of the SuperCom Computer Club in Apache Junction AZ
attended this mornings presentation which was followed by a Q&A session.

Click on the following picture to view a slideshow of the pictures taken before,
during and, after the presentation:

12-14-2012 Sunland Village Computer Club – Mesa AZ

12-14-2012 - Sunland Village Computer Club Mesa AZ
27 Members and Guests of the club attended this afternoons presentation.
Once the mechanical difficulties got resolved, we had an excellent get together.
Quite a few members are waiting for the follow up instructional email in order to complete
a successful conversion to avast!

                                                          (click image to Enlarge)

12-13-2012 Computer Club Trilogy at Power Ranch – Gilbert AZ

The afternoon presentation on 12-13-2012 was done for the Computer Club Trilogy at Power Ranch.
56 Members and Guests attended the presentation.