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Windows 10 Quick Access - Rearranging Folder Layout

Quick Access - Your Way

Troubleshooting Help In Windows 10

When you run into trouble in Windows 10 it's nice to know help is only a few clicks away.

9-23-2015 Senior Phone Scam Alert

I just receive the following phone call: Caller: "Hello Grandpa, this is your Grand Daughter
I have laryngitis so I don't sound like myself"
Me:"You certainly don't, which Grand Daughter? "
Caller: "What do you mean? "
Me:"Well, I have several"
Caller:"Your Oldest"
Me:"Oh, OK" (Suspicious because she should have said her name.)
Me:"Is everything OK"
Me:"What's the matter?"
CALLER:"I was visiting a friend in Niagara Falls and on my way home, I was involved in a car accident."
Me:"Are you OK"
Caller:"Yes every one is fine"
Me:"And the car"
Caller:"The car is fine. This woman came out of nowhere and I hit her but she's OK."
Me:"Thank God"
Caller:"Yes, but when the cops came, the asked if I was drinking. I told them no but, because I'm taking medicine for my laryngitis,
I failed the breathalyzer and spent t…

Clean Install Avast 2015 R4 Windows 10 build 10547

There are times when a clean install is best. This was one of those times.

I did the install directly after upgrading Windows to the latest Preview Release Build 10547.

Windows 10 Settings Utility


9-17-2015 Phishing Attempt - Caution!

If you look at the detailed senders address carefully, you should see this didn't really come from Wells Fargo.

The spelling and grammar has gotten much better and more convincing.
However, if you hover your mouse over the included "signon" link you'll notice it doesn't go to Wells Fargo:

This is a sure sign of a Phishing attempt. Don't be the fool that falls for it. Stay vigilant and be suspicious any time you receive something like this from your bank or other type of financial institution.
Never click on included link. If you aren't sure, take the initiative and, contact your financial institution on your own.

9-11-2001 A Day I Will Never Forget!

Some of us remember, Some of us never forget.

Windows Edge - Changing the Default Seach from Bing to Google


Turning Off the Keylogger in Windows 10


YouTube Tricks

1. Save a video - add "ss" after "www." and before "youtube".
Wait a few seconds and select download
Here's the result:
2. Set a Playback Quality Default
Go to:
Make your selection:

3. YouTube Repeater of Loop
Simply insert "repeater" right after "" or just before ".com"
Single play:
To learn or meomrize something, repetition can be very helpful:

4. Shortcut Keys (Commands)
Space bar: pause/start
Side arrows: fast-forward and rewind
Number keys: Will send you to different parts of the video. 1 = 10 percent through the video; 2 = 20 percent; etc.
Zero key: Sends you back to the beginning.
Tab key: toggle through various vid commands; the Enter key and up/down arrows wil…