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10-21-2021 Computer Users of Erie, PA - Remote

  I spent this evening in Eri, PA (virtually) with the members of  CUE . It was a well received presentation and was followed by quite a few questions. We spent some time discussing the upcoming merger.  I was also able to share some hands on information about Windows 11 with the members.

10-21-2021 The Naples Technology Users Group, FL -Remote

  Todays second presentation for for the members of  PCBUG . The presentation was well received. A Q&A followed the presentation. We talked about  Avast One  and had an extensive discussion about Windows 11. I also took some questions about the upcoming Norton/Lifelock and Avast merger.

10-21-2021 Space Coast PC Users Group, FL - Remote

  This afternoons presentation was for a  small club in Florida . It was a hybrid meeting. Most attended in person and some joined via Zoom. It was actually a blessing that this was a small group since they could only listen to the audio via the laptop. The video portion was displayed on a large monitor.

10-20-2021 Columbus Computer Society, OH - Remote

  This evening, I was happy to do my presentation for the members of a  club in Columbus, OH  It was evening for them and late afternoon for me. It was a small group and after the presentation, we talked about password managers and general system and internet security.

10-18-2021 Sunland Village East Computer Club, Mesa AZ - Remote

  I spent the latter part of this morning with the members of the  SVE Computer Club . This was a hybred meeting. The majority of those attending met in person and some members  joined via Zoom. The meeting was a bit delayed since I had the wrong Zoom link and,  it took a while before I heard back from the club. All's well that ends well. It was an enjoyable meeting and I must have answered most of their questions with the  information contained in the presentation since there was only one question after the show. That question was about Avast One Enterprise and pertained to changing from the free version  of Avast to the free version of  Avast One .

10-18-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode 82

  A great way to start a Monday. another excellent and feature packed show. We covered the latest cyber security news, Android Auto, USB and other remote connectors,  surge protectors and uninterruptible  power supplies, and some additional topics.  The show ended with a lively Q&A session.

10-17-2021 East Central Ohio Technology Users Club, OH - Remote

  I spent this afternoon with the members of  ECOTUC  in Newark, OH I'm actually a member of this club so I paid particular attention to this presentation. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session where the members asked about Avast One ,  SecureLine , and Password managers.

10-16-2021 Prescott Computer Society, AZ - Remote

  This afternoon I visited with the  folks in Prescott, AZ . As always, it was an enjoyable meeting. I did my presentation during the first hour and Phil Ball did his presentation during the second hour. There were quite a few questions after my presentation mostly about Avast One Essential. One member even install  Essential on this android device while we were discussing the product. He was very happy with the added features and the simple user interface.

Windows 11 3D emojis

Is this 2D or 3D you be the judge

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 10-15-2021


Windows 11 - Edge detailed display in Task Manager

This is only available in the Edge browser.

Adobe Acrobat for Chrome and Edge - Not for me. Here's why.


10/13/2021 Chesapeake Area Technology Society, MD - Remote

  I spent an enjoyable evening with the members of  CATS . There were lots of questions in the Q&A session that followed the presentation. The questions asked pertained to  Avast One ,  Secure Browser ,  banking mode, SecureLine ,  Ccleaner , and  Speccy . The Q&A lasted almost as long as the presentation which is always a good sign. Thanks  CATS  for an enjoyable evening.

10/13/2021 Glendora Senior Computer Club, CA - Remote

  This afternoon I addressed the members of the  GSCClub . The topics we covered today were "Using  Ccleaner  for more than just cleaning your computer" We also covered using Quick Assist for getting and giving help For Windows 10+ users. This was a hands on demonstration so all question got answered when the were asked. It was a fun afternoon and a bit different than just doing a presentation. I'll be doing the  Ccleaner  presentation again in about one hour to a different club.

10-12-2021 The Rochester Computer Society, NY - Remote

  I spent this evening with the members of the  RSCi . A small  but very interested group This was a hybrid meeting with some members attending in person and others via Zoom. Since it was a small group, the questions were asked and answered as they came up. There was an interest for more information on  Avast One ,  Avast SecureLine  and the Avast Secure Browser .

Stealing millions in Crypto Currency by using Copy and Paste

Image Not being careful with copy and paste in this instance, can be very costly. Read the full article by Christopher Budd at:

10-11-2021 Komputer Enthusiasts of Greater Seattle, WA - Remote

  I spent this evening with the members of  KEGS We shared a lot of knowledge and laughter. During the Q&A session that followed the presentation, we covered  Avast One , Email security and spam, Router/Modem security,  VPN 's, and numerous other topics. It was an enjoyable evening.

10-11-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode 81

  Another fun Monday. topics covered today included Cyber Security, mostly phone stuff (news), site of the day and words that contradicted, Using sign-in with Google or facebook (OAuth 2.0), followed by Tony Bennett and,  a Q&A session.

10-10-2021 Central Florida Computer Society, FL - Remote

  This afternoon's presentation for the members of  CFCS  covering Central Florida. My meeting followed  Hewie Poplock 's popular Windows Special Interest Group series. My presentation was followed by A Q&A session where we discussed a few items including  OMNI  and  Avast One .  One user brought up the  Jumpshot  incident which I addressed  hopefully  to  everyone's  satisfaction.

10-9-2021 Lake County Area Enthusiasts,IL - Remote

  This afternoon I had the pleasure of doing my presentation for the members of  LCACE . The meeting was followed by a Q&A session where we talked about e-mail safety,  VPN 's,  OMNI ,  Avast One , 2 factor authentication, and more. The was a hybrid meeting about half of the audience was there in person and the other half joined via Zoom.

10-9-2021 Huntsville Personal Computer Users Group, AL - Remote

  This morning I had the pleasure of doing my presentation for the members of this small but very interest  group of technology users . The meeting was followed by a Q&A session where we talked about e-mail safety, differences in web browsers, protection offered in a modern Antivirus, and several other topics.

I suggest you don't use 'Firefox Suggest'

Image Something new in Firefox 93 the is better when it's turned off. Thanks to How-To Geek for their excellent article on this topic.

10/8/2021 Avast Security News Roundup

Image Security-related news thanks mostly to Avast Software. I'm just a messenger. They do most of the challenging work and research.

10-8-2021 Deerfield Beach Computer Club, FL - Remote

  I spent this morning with the menbers of the  Deerfield Beach Computer Club . There were quite a few question during the Q&a Session. Most questions related to email, particularly Spam emails.

10-7-2021 Wisconsin All-Computer Users, Milwaukee, WI - Remote

  This evening I had the pleasure of spending some time with the members of  WAUC . The presentation was well received and the club members had lots of question during the A&A session that followed the presentation.. The questions asked pertained to  VPN's  vs HTTPS, limiting the ads in the free  version of Avast , Many questions about  Omni  and how it protects the IOT devices connected, Password Managers,  and question about  Avast One  both the Essential and Family versions. They've already requested I return next year with my new presentation.

A collection of Autumn videos suitable for ZOOM, etc. Virtual Backgrounds.

  ZOOM - Autumn Woods > Zoom - Autumn Tall Trees > Zoom - Autumn Red Leaf > Zoom - Autumn Lighthouse > Zoom - Autumn Lake > Zoom - Autumn Falling Leaves > Zoom - Autumn Bridge > A direct download link for each video is provided in the YouTube video's description.

10/6/2021 Under the Computer Hood User Group, CA - Remote

  Todays fourth presentation was for the members of UCHUG. Only via Zoom can you start out in the morning in AZ, follow that up a 2 1/2 hrs. later in Florida then 3 hrs later do a presentation in VA and end the evening in San Diego, CA. Covering that great a distance in one day is only possible remotely. I have to admit that even remotely, 4 presentations in one day are still tiring. It's always great to spend time with the members of UCHUG and I'm happy they extended  the invitation. I'll probably be back with them next month as a guest. The Q&A session lasted longer than the presentation. We discussed WiFi repair,  Avast Secureline  vs free VPN's  Avast One , and  Avast OMNI . We also spent some time discussing  Avast's HackCheck  and the importance of using a Password Manager. The Q&A session finally ended at 10:00 PM (MT). Tomorrow's presentation starts at 7:30 AM (MT).

10/6/2021 Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society, Inc., VA - Remote

  Todays third presentation was for the members of  PATACS A very knowledgeable and very active club. In the Q&A Session that followed the presentation I explained a bit more  about  Avast One

10/6/2021 Royal Highlands Computer Club, Leesburg, FL - Remote

  Today's second presentation was for the members of  Highland Computer Club . This is a small club but they asked a lot of question following the presentation. These questions included what is a sandbox, why use a  VPN , does avast protect  iOS devices  and, how does  OMNI  work. It was an interesting meeting.

10/6/2021 Computer Booters, AZ - Remote

  This is the first of 4 presentation I'll be doing today. It was nice to visit with the members of the Computer Booters today. It's been a few years since I 'visited' this club even if it was only remotely. After the presentation, I had some questions on the price of Avast  OMNI  and the Family plan of  Avast One .

10-5-2021 Victoria Computer Club - Victoria, BC Canada -Remote

  This mornings hybrid meeting was for the  Victoria Computer Club . As you can see from the image, some attended in person and a few joined via Zoom. Judging by the interaction and Q&A participation, the presentation was well received. During the Q&A sessions, I answered some questions about e-mail etiquette and security. We also talked about VPN usage and avast OMNI which unfortunately still isn't available in Canada.

10-4-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode 80

Today my age and the number of episodes we've done are a match. Another information packed show. Cyber security, product repair, part two of Screen and Font Size adjustments, using Edge to create a user friendly URL, how to post articles on Facebook and we ended with some music nostalgia. A twenty minute Q&A followed the show.

Windows 11 Context Menu (Right click menu)

The context menu is usually used to do something special with a file or a Folder. In Windows 11, you now get a  condensed listing  of the possible file interactions available. That context menu is usually limited to the  most used functions . If you need access to anything outside of those most used functions, you'll need to select ' Show more options ' Since those most used functions don't include possible actions available via third party apps. It's a pain to always have to use that extra step of selecting ' Show more options ' in order to get to your function provided by the third party app. There is a native way around this annoyance . Instead of using the right click option on the selected file or folder, use the shortcut keys of  Shift + F10  and the full Context menu will display.

Halloween 2021 - ZOOM Virtual Background

Image A nice Halloween virtual background suitable for ZOOM, etc. Thanks to DISH Scape.

Edge Browser - Auto User Friendly URL Creation

Image Automatically creating a user friendly URL using the Edge browser. Thanks to  for making me aware of this Edge feature. Why not sign up for their Weekly Tips newsletter? I'm glad I did that many years ago.

10-1-2021 PC Community, CA - Remote

  This evenings presentation for the members of the  PC Community was the first  of 28 presentations that I will be doing this month. October is  Cyber Security Awareness Month . I'm doing my part to spread that message. It was a good meeting. Zoom makes it possible to bring the information even to smaller clubs. The meeting was followed by a  productive Q&A session.

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 10-1-2021

Image Security-related news thanks mostly to Avast Software.  I'm just a messenger. They do most of the challenging work and research.