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Changing from Avast Premier to Avast Free


8-24-2017 Brookdale Computer Users Group (BCUG)

Last night I had the pleasure of doing a presentation for the BCUG members in Middletown, NJ.
The presentation was well received and I was asked many questions during the presentation and at the Q&A session that followed.

Windows 10 Desktop Magic


8-18-2017 Sunset


Avast 17.6.2308 Beta - Smart Scan


The Great 78 Project

Some of you may even know what this is. Most probably don't.
This includes records ( the music kind not data.) from 
1898 through the 1950's (before many on here were even dreamt of. )
If you're interested you'll find more information and digitized recordings 
of the original records at

Program Re-Install After a Clean Windows 10 Install


Installing Windows 10 S


Blink Health - Save money on your perscriptions

If you still aren't saving money on your subscriptions using Blink Health,, what are you waiting for ???
I've already put it to good use on those items my insurance company doesn't cover.

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8-3-2017 Grandparent Scam still Very Much Alive

An old scam that's still very much alive. For me, it's the second attempt. This time it started off as "Hello Grandpa". Since I didn't recognize the voice, I asked: "Who is this."  He simply said: "don't you recognize me, it's your oldest Grandson." My reply was very simple: "Sorry, I didn't recognize your voice. What's my oldest Grandsons name?" There was a slight pause and next, I heard the dial tone.  The scammer obviously knew the scam wasn't going to work. This is one of those scams that tugs at your heart strings since it's coming from "family" so you need to be extra careful.  Especially when you don't recognize the voice or, the speech mannerism isn't what you usually hear from the relative that's supposedly on the other end of that phone line. My phone call came from the following # (716) …