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Waikiki Beach Honolulu, Hawaii - 5/31/2012

This is Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii I've arrived in Honolulu and am ready for Saturdays 6/2/2012 presentation at the  TUG Why not come and join me.

Protecting Yourself Your Computer Your Identity

5-8-2012 Central Iowa Computer Users Group in Ankeny, IA

24 Members of the  Central Iowa Computer User Group  where present for the 5/8/2012 evening presentation  in Ankeny, IA. It was a smaller group than last night but they where just as interested.         Very early tomorrow I'll be returning to Chicago to catch my plane for the return trip back home. I would have left from Des Moines but that would have made this trip cost prohibitive.  It would have added $1200.00 to the cost of this trip simply because the rental car didn't get returned to the place where it was originally rented from.  I think saving $1200.00 is worth driving an extra 5 1/2 hrs. and an extra tank of gas.

5-7-2012 Quad Cities Computer Society in Moline, IL

                                                (click on Picture to Enlarge) 75 members and guests of the  Quad Cities Computer Society  attended the 5/7/2012 presentation. It was an excellent evening. The presentation was followed by a lively and fairly extensive Q&A session. There was a lot of interest in avast! for all platforms and some disappointment that Avast doesn't have a version ready for the iPhone. I've posted a video on You Tube  of the pictures I took on Sunday when I went on a nature walk with the club

5-6-2012 - A little Photo and Video Shoot/Walk

I had a chance to participate in this event with the  Quad Cities Computer Society   in Moline IL. where I'm scheduled to do a presentation on 5/7/2012 at 7:00 PM A video of The Mighty Mississippi

Live Detailed Business Card

Consider this my Live Business Card                                                              

5-5-2012 APCUG Third Virtual Conference

On 5/5/2012 there were 28 attendees at the remote presentation held by the  APCUG .  I've also gained valuable insight and experience from this, my first, remote presentation which will make all future remote presentations easier. The only thing I missed was the person to person contact that is missing in this format. Remote presentation are however great for making presentations available to clubs of all types who are just to far removed and, without this venue would never have the opportunity to view the presentation. Through this venue, they have the opportunity to  learn of  the valuable security related information contained in that presentation . They would also not learn about  avast! 's ability to keep their system safe without the use of a remote presentation.

5-4-2012 APCUG Virtual Conference on 5/5/2012

APCUG  is presenting a Virtual Conference and I'm scheduled to do a presentation on that venue. My time slot is from 2:00 PM to 2:50 PM Central time and I'm listed in Track 2. To  see whats being offered , please go to the following website: To register for the sessions , please use the following link: I would appreciate a followup comment after you've attended in the session. Since this will be my first attempt at being a presenter at one of these events, we may all be in for a surprise...... hopefully a pleasant one. :)

5-3-2012 West Suburban Computer Club met in Lisle IL.

                                   Getting Ready For The Presentation                                                       (click Image to Enlarge) 29 Members and guests of the  West Suburban Computer Club  which tonight met in Lisle, IL.,   attende the 8:00 PM presentation. There where many questions and answers after the Prfesetation. Quite a few of those attending are waiting for their  conversion instructions . Some have already installed the  avast! Mobile Security Suite and there will even be one instalation for each of the Mac and Linux versions of avast!   as a result of tonight's presentation.

5-3-2012 - It's all about Security

Protecting Yourself - Your Computer - Your Identity A little flash back to where I was 6 month ago. A Trip to Yosemite National Park Slideshow : Norbert’s trip from Los Lunas , New Mexico , United States to Yosemite National Park , California was created by TripAdvisor . See another Yosemite National Park slideshow . Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.

5-2-2012 A good place to eat - The Dome Fam. Rest.

If you're ever in Indian Head Pk, IL 60525, be sure to visit The Dome Family Restaurant. ( Their food is a pleasing to your taste buds as the ambiance is to your eyes. Great service, good food and reasonable prices. More photos from Norbert Gostischa

5-1-2012 South Suburban SIG in South Chicago IL

It was a little overcast when I arrived in Chicago yesterday: The presentation on 5/1/2012 was held at the                                                        (Click image to Enlarge) for the  South Suburban Sig  in South Chicago IL. and was attended by 26 of their members and guests.  A little less rain last night would probably have increased the attendance.                                                     (Click image to Enlarge)