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#FinalSunrise2019 A pretty start to the ending of 2019

Hope all of you have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2020

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year


Windows 10 version 1909

How to get the Windows 10 November 2019 Update 3 systems updated, one to go.

If you're having troubles getting the Media Creation Tool, I've made it available
on my OneDrive ->!AhqxANJ1R0yZjLkVnjas3RBBeEI-IA?e=Gi9cJg

11-10-2019 APCUG 2019 Florida Technology Conference

I've just had the pleasure of attending and participating in this
excellent conference in Zephyrhills, Florida.
My presentation "All About Avast" was only one of many presentations
enjoyed by all the people that attended the APCUG conference
I've set up an album of the pictures taken at that conference.

11/9 - 11/10 APCUG 2019 Florida Technology Conference

Here's what will keep me busy for this upcoming weekend.
More details,
There's still time to register but you need to hurry.

11-2-2019 APCUG VTC Conference - Virtual Tech. Conference

I was happy to be invited and give a Virtual Technology Conference for the
members of APCUG. One of the questions after the presentation related to
Avast Omni. APCUG puts on these conferences four times a year on various
tech related topics. The only qualification for joining requires a membership in
a member club. I'm also a proud member of the APCUG Speakers Bureau.

11/1/2019 Deerfield Beach Computer Club Inc. - Deerfield Beach, FL

It was nice to be back in warm Florida even if it was a remote Zoom visit.
I received a "warm welcome from the members of the Deerfied Beach Computer Club.
We started the presentation off with the following announcement.

If you haven't updated your copy of Chrome, please do so ASAP.
The presentation was followed by a Q&A session where I received questions about SecureLine,
the Passwords Manager and Omni.

One of the members also expressed his disappointment at some of the ads in the free version of Avast.

10-31-2019 Mile High Computer Resource Organization (MICRO) - Denver,CO

As the last presentation during this Cyber Security Awareness Month,
it was nice to remotely spend this evening with the members of MICRO.
I was happy to be in my home since in Denver they had about a foot of snow.
During the Q&A that followed the presentation I was asked how Avast makes its money if the product is free.
There were also questions on the Avast SecureLine.

10-28-2019 Bits and Bytes - Oklahoma City, OK

I spent this afternoon remotely with the members of Bits & Bytes.
The cam on the laptop used on the computer clubs didn't work but the presentation went off without any problems.
Lots of laughter during the presentation and quite a few questions after the presentation.
We spent some time doing a hands on explanation of Avast Omni since that was of great interest to the club members.

10-25-2019 Covenant Village Computer Club - Denver, CO

I remotely spent some of this afternoon with some of the residents of Covenant Village.
The presentation was well received as evident by the questions asked
after the presentation.

During the Q&A session, we covered phishing attacks, firewalls, and phone scams.
I was also asked about products available for Apple users, Mac and iOS.

10-22-2019 Princeton PC Users Group - Princeton, NJ

This evenings presentation for the PPCUG users was a little strange for me since the laptop
the club used had no cam. I was able to hear my audience but not see them.
After the meeting we have a nice discussion on password security and 2 Factor authentication.

10-20-2019 East-Central Ohio Technology Users Club - Newark, OH

This afternoon I addressed the members of the ECOTUC.
I've been a member of this club for quite a few years because they pass along so much
valuable technology related information.
It was an excellent presentation and was followed by many questions covering VPN,
WiFi Inspector, Password Manager, Avast Mobile Security and,
Applying a credit freeze.

10-19-2019 Northern Neck Computer Users Group - Kilmarnock, VA

This mornings presentation was for the NNCUG members.
The Q&A session that followed covered a variety of topics but, most
of the questions related to Phishing attempts via phone and/or email.
The best advice to avoid and end a phone scam is to simply hang up the phone.The free version of Avast also does an excellent job of protecting you against Phishing

10-18-2019 Minnetonka Seniors Comp Interest Grp. - Minnetonka, MN

I spent this morning with the members of this very friendly group.
Lot's of questions were asked after the presentation on various topics.
WiFi, VPN, Router management, extensions and various other topics.
It was a fun morning. Thank you Larry and the rest of the groups members.

10-17-2019 Modesto PCUG - Modesto, CA

The saying is "All's well that ends well."
Unfortunately, last night's second presentation never really got off the ground.
You could call this one "Mission Impossible." (Sorry.)
The club was not able to use their regular meeting place and the alternate had next to no internet access.
We tried for over 1/2 hr. to make it work but to no avail. There weren't any hotpots available
as alternatives so we were force to abandon the attempt. It's never nice when that happens.
As a saving grace, the follow up information I send out to the club contains a link to a YouTube recording
of this presentation made earlier in the year.

10-17-2019 Bowling Green Area Microcomputer User Group - Bowling Green, KY

I spent the first part of this evening with the members of ( )
We started a bit late since they had a problem with the first two computers they started. Number three, thankfully, worked.
The presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

10-16-2019 The Personal Computer Club of Toronto - Canada

This was an all ZOOM remote presentation.

We covered the Avast Secure Browser -
Video -
and the CCleaner Browser -
Video -

We also covered the settings and security features of those browser and, how you can add an extensions.
It was an interesting evening. One of those joining the meeting was actually in Florida.

10-15-2019 Los Angeles Computer Society - Los Angeles, CA

This evening I had the pleasure of addressing the LACSPC.
The presentation was well received and followed by a Q&A session.
Most of the questions asked pertained to the use of a VPN like the Avast SecureLine.

10/14/2019 SCV Computer Club - Santa Clarita CA

The club found out on Fri. that the center where they hold their meetings  would be closed do to the Columbus Day holiday.Not wanting to cancel the scheduled meeting, the clubs president decided to use ZOOMto have their members connect from their homes.The attendance wasn't as large as it would have been at the regular meeting place but,those that attended enjoyed the evening and, I was told, learned a lot.We even had a hands on demo on Avast newest product, Avast Omni.@Avast, look out for some new Omni customers from Santa Clarita.

10-12-2019 ICON Technology Group - Springfield, MO

Today I spent a little more than an hour with the members of this club.
The camera was rotated so I was able to meet all the club members. There were some comments as to how nice
a ZOOM remote presentation is and how well everything can bee seen and they liked the clarity of the audio,

10/11/2019 Practice Session.

It's always nice when a practice session has an audience. This session was a breeze. There were even some upcoming presentation related questions.We also covered the local weather here in New Mexico and the in Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Avast - Hack Check


10-9-2019 Madison PC Users Group - Madison, WI

We had a bit of a problem but, 3 computers and 2 projectors later, everything was a go.
The moderator, presenter and audience survived and enjoyed the presentation.
An extensive Q&A session followed after the presentation.

Backup Settings - Avast Secure Browser


Avast Secure Browser - Clean Install


10-8-2019 Rochester Computer Society - Rochester NY

This evening I remotely traveled to Rochester and spent about one hr.
With the members of the RCSI.
We spent quite a bit of time after the presentation talking about 2 factor authentication and,
the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) like the Avast SecureLine.

10-8-2019 Four Seasons Computer and Technology Club - Beaumont, CA

Remote Presentations always work better when you have internet access.
About 10 min. into the presentation, the club lost their internet access.
I never give up and the Club also persevered while the problem was resolved.
The router needed to be reset to get their Wi-Fi back in the meeting hall.
While waiting for that to happen, we had a Q&A session via cellphone relay. Some questions answered dealt with phishing attacks and some other cyber related scams. Since the delay caused the program to go over the usual allotted time,
quite a few members left before the presentation was finished.
Since I provide a link to an early recording of this presentation,
they'll get to watch what they missed at their own leisure.