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2/18/2019 Computer Club at Apache Wells - Mesa AZ

A good turnout for this smaller club. They had many questions during and after
the presentation.
Avast SecureLine was of great interest to quite a few members.

2/18/2019 Silvercom Computer and Technology Club - Mesa AZ

Another excellent turnout from the Club members.

We also had an excellent Q&A session after the presentation.

A great interest in Avast Smart Home Security. Looking for a release date and a price.

2-16-2019 Prescott Computer Society - Prescott, AZ

This morning I left the comfortable temperature in Mesa for the cold climate in Prescott.

The members of the PCS were very attentive and asked a lot of question during
and after the presentation.
There was a great interest in Avast Smart Home Security.

2-15-2019 SuperCom Computer Club Apache Junction AZ

This morning I received a very warm welcome from the SuperCom CC members and guests.
As you can see, there was a large turnout for my presentation.

This morning was also the clubs donut day and, I was happy to join the festivities and eat a couple.

2-13-2019 Viewpoint Technology Club - Mesa, AZ

An excellent turnout followed by a Q&A session.

2-13-2019 Rock Comp Computer Club - Apache Junction, AZ

A great turnout for a smaller but very active and interested club.

The club members had many questions after the presentation including one on
"How does Avast make any money when they give so much away for free"

2-11-2019 Sunland Village East Computer Club - Mesa, AZ

This club even had a reserved parking spot for me.
Some of the questions raised pertaining to the VPN, sales popups and, silent mode.

2-8-2019 Sunland Village Computer Club - Mesa, AZ

Nice attendance by the clubs members and guests.

I was happy to answer the many questions posed during and after the presentation.

Avast Geek Area


2/6/2019 Sun City Grand Computer Club - Surprise, AZ

This afternoon, I addressed a fairly large turnout of the clubs members

The presentation was followed by an extensive Q&A session. Lot's of interest in the VPN.

2/6/2019 Dreamland Computer Club - Mesa, AZ

This morning, I started the day at Read Hall for the members
of the Dreamland Computer Club. I even took a selfie.

This was a small but very interested club and they asked quite a few questions.

Repairing Avast


2-1-2019 Sierra Winds, AZ Computer Club - Peoria, AZ

A nice way to start of my month with the clubs in Arizona.

The presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

Backing up Your Google Data

Some of or, all of your Data. Your Choice.
Remember, Google+ is closing soon. (April 2, 2019)

Jan. 2019 Florida Presentations Recap.

16 Clubs and 1 Conference is what kept me busy for this Month.!AhqxANJ1R0yZivFZMIOf6sbH93OGXg
In total, I've presented "Protecting Your Digital Life" to 997 attendees.
I hope they all learned something and that many of them will become Avast users.
Next month, I'll be in Arizona

1/28/2019 Valencia Reserve Computer Club - Boynton Beach, FL

My final presentation in Florida this year was well attended by a smaller club.
They may be small in size but not in the amount of questions they asked.
SecureLine was again the most asked about product followed by the Password Manager.

1-26-2019 NWFACUG Computer Tech 2019 - Niceville, FL

Today via 2 presentations I was able to interact with quite a few
attendees of the NWFACUG Computer Tech Conference 2019

There were a lot of questions during and following the presentations.
Avast's SecureLine and the free version of Avast received the most questions.
I was also able to visit some of the other classes and really enjoyed the one
on 3D Printing.

Scheduling a Virus Scan in Avast 19.1.2360

It's easy once you know how.

1/22/2019 Betmar Users Group - Zephyrhills, FL

A smaller but very interested group. Lots of questions followed the presentation.
I arrived early which gave me an opportunity to make a new friend.

The ducklings are due at any moment.

1/21/2019 Valencia Falls Computer and Technology Club - Delray Beach, FL

A great turnout for a meeting of the club held as a special meeting day.

The presentation was followed by an extensive Q&A session and I was asked if I could stay
after the allotted time for additional questions.

Update of NWFSC Computer Tech 1-26-2019 Conference


The conference starts early (7:30 AM) on 1/26/2019
There's still time to register and be part of the festivities.
NWFSC Student Services Center, Bldg. 400
100 E College Blvd, Niceville, FL

A new Folder on My Desktop

Once opened, here are all the Goodies inside.

To create your own, simply follow this.
Right click on an empty spot on your desktop and select the following:

Type the following into the next prompt:
%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools

As soon as you select Next, this will open:

The name will already be filled in. (You can change it to your choice.)
Next select Finish and the new folder will now appear on your Desktop.

You can arrange how these tools are displayed. By default the display is Detail but,
you can select your favorite,

I personally selected Large icons.

Email Hacked - This Can Help


1/17/2019 Space Coast PC Users Group - Merritt Isle, FL

The Space Coast PC Users Croup is a smaller club but they did have a lot of questions. They meet at the Merritt Isles Library.

1-16-2019 Cascade Lakes Computer and Technology Club - Boynton Beach, FL

A pretty place even at night. Another well attended presentation.

The members of Cascade Lakes asked quite a few questions during the presentation.

A lengthy Q&A session followed the meeting. The topic covered included question on installing Avast.
The Avast SecureLine also received a lot of questions and some of the members wanted more information on Avast's Smart Home Security.

Computer Tech Expo of Northwest Florida Scheduled for 1/26/2019

I'll have a bit of a drive to get there from my location on 1/25

Getting back to my next appointment will be a bit longer

I'm scheduled to do two different presentation on 1/26/2019. I'll be doing one just before lunch
at 11:00 AM and the second one right after lunch at 1:00 PM.

1-15-2019 Tampa Bay Technology Center - Clearwater, FL

This evening I enjoyed an excellent meeting with the Club Members and Guests.

It's nice to again answer the many questions posed by those in attendance.

Scanning an Individual File with Avast


1-13-2019 Bellaggio Computer and Technology Club - Lake Worth FL

This is why it's hard to stick to a diet.

Another enjoyable presentation for a club that had a lot of questions during
and after the presentation.

I even caught a member installing the Avast Mobil Security App during the presentation.

One of the gifts that the club made available had the winning ticket taped
to the bottom on the chair.

I guess that's one way to entice seniors to exercise.