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avast! Antivirus is your best choice - Free or Paid

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avast! Antivirus is also the worlds most widely used Antivirus program World Wide!
ABOUT AVAST: AVAST Software ( protects over 150 million active devices with our security and antivirus applications. Our portfolio includes the new avast! Free Antivirus for Mac,avast! Free Mobile Security for Android, our flagship avast! Free Antivirus, the free computer security application that matches or exceeds the performance of competitors' paid-for products, the premium avast! Internet Security with SafeZone™ virtualized desktop, and a full range of business IT security solutions. Anchored by the CommunityIQ network of sensors and supported by multiple protective shields, avast! performance is certified by, among others, VB100, AV-Comparatives, ICSA Labs, and West Coast Labs.

Sept. Oct. 2012 For the National Cyber Security Awareness Month

For the National Cyber Security Awareness Month, if approved,
I'll be visiting California:

Here is that Tour laid out on Google Maps:

As you can see, I'll be doing a bit of driving. This is planned for the end of Sept. and the first 2 weeks of October.
For those of you in California, pick a Computer Club near you and plan on attending.
I'd be happy to supply any one interested with further details.

7-19-2012 Recap - Ohio - Pennsylvania

7-19-2012 Ohio, Pennsylvania wrap up.
During my one week and a day stay in that part of the country, 
avast! was introduced to another 250+ users of the Computer Clubs
and the visitors of the APCUG/CAMUG Regional Computer Conference.

(click image for a Slideshow)

7-17-2012 Lehigh Valley Computer Club in Schnecksville, PA

7-17-2012 Lehigh Valley Computer Club in Schnecksville, PA had 37 people in attendance for tonight's presentation. 
Their meeting is held at the Lehigh Carbon Community College.

                                        (click image to Enlarge)
The club asked many questions and I was hopefully able to answer all of them to their satisfaction.

                                           (click image to Enlarge)
If you live anywhere near Allentown, PA, check into becoming a member of this great Club.
Remember, computer security is never an accident and you can get some expert help here.

7-15-2012 Licking County Computer Society - Newark OH

7-15-2012 Licking County Computer Society had 35 
members present to watch the presentation this afternoon.

                      (click image to Enlarge)
Some of the members had also attended the 
APCUG Regional Computer Conference and said that 
they needed more than just on presentation to absorb all the information. 
It was a very interesting afternoon with some very interesting people.
Maybe that's why I became an official member of their Computer Society.   
I was invited to Supper after the meeting and had something very light.....
If you live in Licking County Ohio and are interested in learning about computers or,
need help with you computer, why not become a member and reap all of the rewards?

7-13 - 7-14-2012 APCUG Regional Computer Conference

7-13 - 7-14-2012 I presented to about 75 attendees and made contact with close to 100 people during the conference.

(click image to Enlarge)

What wasn't to nice was a case of food poisoning which I picked up on Friday night.
It's the reason that this was posted this late. It was a bit of a struggle making today's presentation.
This time the old saying about getting of the pot actually applied.....

7-16-2012 APCUG/CAMUG Strategy Meeting

APCUG/CAMUG 2012 Regional Computer Conference

Strategy Meeting held at the 356th Fighter Group in North Canton OH.
I will be doing 2 Presentations at this Conference:
Friday,        7/13/2012 3:15 PM to 4:15 PM
Saturday    7/14/2012 1:45 PM to 2:45 PM

7-10-2012 Lorain County Computer Society

33 members of the Lorain County Computer Society in Amherst OH 
attended tonight's very lively presentation. If you live anywhere near Amherst OH,
you would probably learn quite a bit about computers if you joined their club.

(click image to Enlarge)

7-9-2012 Upcoming Schedule - Ohio, Pennsylvania

My upcoming Schedule
I'll be at the following locations: 7/10 - Lorain County Computer Society    Amherst, OH 7/12 - 2012 APCUG Regional CCNorth Canton OH 7/13 -  2012 APCUG Regional CCNorth Canton OH 7/14 - 2012 APCUG Regional CCNorth Canton OH 7/15 -Licking County Computer Society    Newark OH  7/17 - Lehigh Valley Computer Club        Schnecksville PA If you're in the area of any of these Computer Clubs, why not stop in and help make your computer and internet use safer.
There is still one other possible presentation that isn't finalized for 7/11

7-3-2012 Villages Computer Club in Dewey, AZ

This mornings presentation was attended by 35 members of the 
Villages Computer Club in DEWEY, AZ
The meeting lasted about 1 1/2 hrs and included lots of questions.

                              (click image to Enlarge)