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Avast and Your Privacy

The internet has been full of concerns about Avast's handling of its user's privacy.
Here are my thoughts on this very important subject matter.
I personally wish that this had never occurred. There is no going back but there is a commitment from Avast for a brighter future.
Microsoft, Google your ISP, etc, etc. All collect data and use it in many different ways. Making money is one of the ways your data is used.
By default, the OS is set to share as much of your info as possible. The programs and apps you install usually have the default setting set in a way that you offer as much information as possible
The average user doesn't go into those settings to make changes which is what all large and small companies depend on.
Here in the US, if you've ever been on the internet for any amount of time, you no longer have any privacy.
If you delete your information from one source, you can be assured that this information has already been gathered in many other places.
Security is al…

1-28-2020 Buttonwood Bay Bytes Computer Club - Sebring FL

More pictures,
It's always a pleasure to visit Buttonwood Bay. They also have an excellent
lunch available at very reasonable prices.(Hamburger - $2.25)
The question asked covered Avast Secure BrowserPasswords Manager and Avast Omni.
I also answered some questions about Avast SecureLine.
This was my last presentation in Florida. I'll be heading home tomorrow but not for long.
On Sunday, I leave for Arizona.

1-27-2020 Valencia Reserve Computer Club - Boynton Beach, FL

Last night's enjoyable presentation was to a smaller audience
followed by lots of questions. The lights were dimmed so the picture
isn't the greatest. Sorry about that.

Your Phone - Windows 10

Your Phone is an app developed by Microsoft for Windows 10.
Its main purpose is to connect Android or iOS devices to Windows 10 devices.
Start the app via Settings > Phone then add your phone.

It makes calling a contact or a phone# very easy right from your computer.
Sound quality on my system is better than using the phone directly.
Connection is via Bluetooth so you do need the phone close enough for pairing.

It can also show you your photos, messages and, notifications.
There's also a dial pad if you aren't calling from your contact list.

LaunchBar Commander - Worth a look

More information and download
I've downloaded and am using the portable version (
Great addition to Windows 10.

1-21-2020 Tampa Bay Technology Center - Clearwater, FL

It was nice to see the room filled with club members and guests last night.
Most attendees arrived at the last minute. I wonder if that's because it was so cold last night.
I expected a heatwave in Florida, it was down right cold last night.
It was another enjoyable evening teaching those interested in learning more about what it takes
to stay reasonably safe and secure in this complex world where so much technology needs protection.
Avast SecureLine and the Avast Passwords manager were the products most asked about last night.

How2 Enable Real Working Search Box on New Tab Page in Google Chrome


Need something more than Task Manager?

Here's a full featured Task Manager replacement.
Its lightweight, portable, with many enhancements.
More information,

Download 32 bit,

Download 64 bit,

1-16-2020 Lake Sumter Computer Society - Leesburg, FL

This is a smaller group but they asked as many questions as the larger audiences.
The main interests again centered around Avast SecureLine and Avast Omni

1-15-2020 Cascade Lakes Comp & Tech Club - Boynton Beach, FL

More photos,
We covered many questions on several topics after the presentation.
PasswordsInstallation of AvastSecure Line and Avast Omni
It was another enjoyable evening and all the questions showed the clubs interest in the topic.

Block 3rd party cookies in Chrome and other (Chromium based) Browsers

Use the following in the address bar:
Follow this:

This also works in the Avast Secure browser just change what you type in the address bar to this,

This should work in many Chromium based browsers with slight modifications.
In the new Edge (Chromium based) Browser, use the following,

1-14-2020 Valencia Pointe Computer Club - Del Ry Beach, FL

It's always nice to do the presentation to a full house. The presentation was well received and followed by many questions.
The extensive Q&A session covered questions about SecureLine, the protection offered in the free version of Avast,
the Passwords Manager and, Avast Omni. It was a very enjoyable evening.
You'll find more pictures at

Creating a Re-occurring Quick Scan in Avast


1-12-2020 Bellaggio Computer and Technology Club - Lake Worth, FL

More pictures,
And no, I did not pop out of the cake prior to the meeting.
The club had their annual breakfast and this year it included a birthday cake for a member.
Another well attended presentation followed by quite a few questions.
Phishing was a big topic and so was the use of a VPN like SecureLine.

1-10-2020 Deerfield Beach Computer Club - Deerfield Beach, FL

It was nice to see so many familiar faces at today's presentation.
There were questions after the presentation on repairing AvastAvast protection for smart devices and,
Avast Omni.

1-9-2020 Platina Computer Club - Boynton Beach, FL

Another well attended presentation followed by a Q&A session.
Lots of interest in Avast Omni

1-8-2020 Sarasota Technology Users Group - Sarasota, FL

As you can see, it was an excellent turnout by the members of the club.
The STUG organization also does computer refurbishing and every computer that they refurbish and
give back to the community has Avast Free installed on those computers.
Last year alone, that amounted to more than 1000 Avast installs.
The presentation was followed by a Q&A session with lots of questions.

1-8-2020 Cascades Computer & Technology Club - Port St Lucie, FL

A nice turnout for this afternoon's presentation.
We had some questions during the presentation and a very extensive Q&A session afterward.
The main topics covered in the Q&A were Avast Passwords ManagerSecureLine and,Avast Secure Browser.
Someone also wanted to know what Avast could do to protect her car. That's currently not available
but I'm sure Avast is probably working on that protection