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Video Streaming with Avast SecureLine VPN


Social Security Scams are on the rise.

Image are one of the favorite targets of scammers. Don't become a victim. This is just one of the slides from my current presentation "Protecting Your Digital Life" ( ) My presentations are sponsored by Avast Software. ( )

New in the latest version of ADW Cleaner

It can now detect Pre Installed Software
This is what I didn't know was on my system.
(Part of the software that comes with my Epson Printer)

More information about ADW here:
I always recommend that you create a backup of your system or, at least a system restore point before you use this or any other cleaning tool.

Slide to Shut Down - A Novel Way to Shut Down Windows

Why not have some fun when you shut down your system.

7-9-2019 Venture In Comp Club - Show Low, AZ

Getting ready for the presentation.
A nice turnout from an appreciative audience. The presentation was well received andfollowed by some excellent questions. It's always nice to hear that the members learneda lot and are waiting for the follow-up information so they can digest all the new tips.

How2 Add Chrome Extensions 2 Chromium Based Browsers

This video shows you how to install the Avast Passwords manager to the
Brave Browser (Chromium-based)
This same procedure will also work to install most Chrome extensions on a Chromium-based browser.
(Minus the need for the Avast Passwords manager)