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10/14/2019 SCV Computer Club - Santa Clarita CA

The club found out on Fri. that the center where they hold their meetings  would be closed do to the Columbus Day holiday.Not wanting to cancel the scheduled meeting, the clubs president decided to use ZOOMto have their members connect from their homes.The attendance wasn't as large as it would have been at the regular meeting place but,those that attended enjoyed the evening and, I was told, learned a lot.We even had a hands on demo on Avast newest product, Avast Omni.@Avast, look out for some new Omni customers from Santa Clarita.

10-12-2019 ICON Technology Group - Springfield, MO

Today I spent a little more than an hour with the members of this club.
The camera was rotated so I was able to meet all the club members. There were some comments as to how nice
a ZOOM remote presentation is and how well everything can bee seen and they liked the clarity of the audio,

10/11/2019 Practice Session.

It's always nice when a practice session has an audience. This session was a breeze. There were even some upcoming presentation related questions.We also covered the local weather here in New Mexico and the in Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Avast - Hack Check


10-9-2019 Madison PC Users Group - Madison, WI

We had a bit of a problem but, 3 computers and 2 projectors later, everything was a go.
The moderator, presenter and audience survived and enjoyed the presentation.
An extensive Q&A session followed after the presentation.

Backup Settings - Avast Secure Browser


Avast Secure Browser - Clean Install


10-8-2019 Rochester Computer Society - Rochester NY

This evening I remotely traveled to Rochester and spent about one hr.
With the members of the RCSI.
We spent quite a bit of time after the presentation talking about 2 factor authentication and,
the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) like the Avast SecureLine.

10-8-2019 Four Seasons Computer and Technology Club - Beaumont, CA

Remote Presentations always work better when you have internet access.
About 10 min. into the presentation, the club lost their internet access.
I never give up and the Club also persevered while the problem was resolved.
The router needed to be reset to get their Wi-Fi back in the meeting hall.
While waiting for that to happen, we had a Q&A session via cellphone relay. Some questions answered dealt with phishing attacks and some other cyber related scams. Since the delay caused the program to go over the usual allotted time,
quite a few members left before the presentation was finished.
Since I provide a link to an early recording of this presentation,
they'll get to watch what they missed at their own leisure.

SLO Bytes

One of the club members was testing his iPhone 11 Pro Max.
I took the pictures and videos he sent an made this small movie.
Sometimes it's nice to see what those that I present too remotely actually see on their end.

10-6-2019 SLO Bytes - San Luis Obispo, CA

This afternoon's presentation for the club members was well received.
I know they liked the jokes since I heard the laughs.
In the Q&A after the presentations, there was an interest in Avast Omni
and one member wanted to know what the price was for the Avast Secure Browser.
(No, I didn't accept his credit card.) The product is Free.

10-5-2019 MOAA-The TUG - Oahu, HI

Remotely, many things are possible. The afternoon presentation
found me in Hawaii doing a presentation for the oldest Computer Club in Hawaii.
Outside of a few technical glitches the presentation was well received.
The members seemed to enjoy the jokes and appreciated the information shared.
I had a request for the price of Avast Omni and more detailed information on Avast Passwords.

I was actually lucky enough to visit this club in person back in 2012

10-5-2019 The Pikes Peak Computer Application Society - Colorado Springs, CO

This morning, I remotely visited with the members of the Club.
The presentation was well received and the questions covered the Avast Passwords,
creating an image backup and Avast Omni.

10-4-2019 PC Community - Hayward, CA

I enjoyed spending this evening with the members of the PCC
The question raised by a member, which I was happy to answer,
had to do with the installation of Avast Mobile Security.

10-3-2019 Wisconsin All-computer Users Club Milwaukee, WI

The members of the WAUC had quite a few questions following the presentation.
It was nice to find out that quite a few users are using the Avast Secure Browser.

10/3/2019 Victoria Computer Club - Victoria, BC Canada

I spent todays 2nd presentation remotely with the members of the Victoria Computer Club
in Victoria , BC Canada Pretty good traveling when you consider I was in Oklahoma this morning.
Maybe that's why I need that cape?

The members asked quite a few questions both during and after the presentation.
This presentation needed some adjustment since not all things apply to Canada.

10-3-2019 Computer Club of OK City - Oklahoma City, OK

This mornings remote presentation was a hands on tutorial on
installing, customizing and using CCleaner
The club members were very attentive and asked quite a few questions.

10-02-2019 Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society - Washington, DC

This club's members also asked some relevant questions. One of the questions was about a comparison
of the protection and features offered in the different Avast versions which was best pointed out
here, and,

10-02-2019 Royal Highlands Community Tech Club - Leesburg, Florida

Another presentation that was well received. The members of the club
certainly has a lot of questions. The Q&A session was almost as long as the presentation.
That certainly indicates that the members where paying attention.
It covered phone scams, image backup, blocking of robo calls, Avast Omni and many other topics.

10-1-2019 Kentucky-Indiana PC Users Group - Louisville, KY

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month.
Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of doing a remote presentation for the members of the KIPCUG
This is the first of many presentations during this month to make people  aware of the importance of
"Protecting Your Digital Life" and the following link will give you more details about that presentation,