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Avast 2015 on Windows 10 Build 9879

If you're game enough to test Windows 10, then you might also like it to be protected 

by Avast 2015.

11-21-2014 Deerfield Beach Computer Club Inc - Deerfield Beach, FL

49 Members and Guests of the Club attended this mornings presentation.
An extensive Q&A session also followed this presentation.
There are already many converts to Avast in this club.

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11-20-2014 Lake Henri Computer User Group Winter Haven FL

35 Members of the Club attended this afternoons presentation.
The presentation was followed by a very extensive Q&A session.

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Recover Browser Tab Closed In Error

Crap happens. This makes recovery easy!

11-19-2014 Company A - Delray Beach FL

This was not a computer club but, they all use computers and,
over 100 members attended this very lively meeting. 

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I was made an honorary member of Company A

Avast 2015 on Windows 10 build 9879

If you're running Windows 10, you can now add Avast as your Antivirus protection.

Here are the directions.

11-12-2014 Lakes at Leesburg Computer and Technology Club


Virus Data Base Update Notification, Is it Really Missing?

This should answer your question why this feature needed to be removed.

When all else fails, reboot!

A rule every computer user needs to learn:

It might just fix your problem. (And save you a lot of money)

That also goes for your router when you're having internet problems!

If that doesn't cure what ails you, come back here and ask for specific help.
Don't forget to give us as much information as possible. It's your computer
and we aren't mind readers.
One last note of advice. There are some updates that require a total shutdown 
of your system and then  a restart in order for the changes to drivers to take effect.
(Originally posted on the Avast Support Forum at: Interesting Software and System News