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HD Health Check


RollBack RX Update

A video to show off how it works
Download from here
Today, I put this software to the test.Early this morning Rollback RX created it's snapshot. (Only takes seconds)About 1 hr. later, I decided to uninstall Avast Free and install Avast OMNI beta.After finding out that my router still isn't compatible with OMNI, it was time to go back to the Free version of Avast.Rather than doing a full removal of Omni and then an install of Avast Free, I decided to use RollBack RX.After selecting the RoolBack, the system rebootedThe time frame for this rollack was amazingly short.(I was used to the long time it takes for a System Restore Point)After the restart I was greeted with the following,This would come in handy if there were some important file changes you needed to recapture.Since I had no files or document that needed recovering, I selected the Cancel option.My system had been totally restored without any pr…

8-12-2019 SCV Computer Club

Last night I had the pleasure of doing a remote (ZOOM) interactive presentationfor the members of the SCV Computer Club in Santa Clarita Valley, CAThe topic for the evening was the CCleaner Browser.We covered a custom install and went through the various settings.We also covered adding a Chrome extension to that browser.The extension added was the Avast Passwords Manager.Since this was a hands on interactive presentations, the club members were free to ask questionsduring and after the presentation. It was a productive meeting where everyone learned something.