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6-29-2012 and the next Presentation happens on 7-3-2012

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6-26-2012 San Francisco PC users Group

The 6-26-2012 presentation for the  San Francisco PC Users Group  was attended by 17 members. It was a fairly small group but they asked many questions and where extremely interested and interesting. The hardest thing about last night was finding a parking space. San Francisco isn't very car friendly.                        (click image to ENLARGE)

6-24-2012 Vendors Expo at the South West Computer Conference

The Vendors Expo was help on 6/24/2012 at the  SW Computer Conference           (click image to ENLARGE)

6-23-2012 Presentation at the SW Computer Conference

Saturday mornings presentation at the  South West Computer Conference  had 34 attendees. Those in attendance represented various member clubs from within the  APCUG                                                                  (click image to ENLARGE)

6-22-2012 A Walk in the "Big Apple"

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Volunteer Opportunity | Free Security Seminar | Create The Good

Volunteer Opportunity | Free Security Seminar | Create The Good I'm happy to announce that AARP has approved this Free Computer Security Service.

CPUsers Group - Follow Up

Today I received the pictures from the remote presentation from the  CPUsers Group  which was done on 6/12/2012 along with the following kind words from John Mazur, the clubs President. If you live in the area, consider joining their Users Group. "Bob,  Thanks for the follow up email with the links and discount. Demo was very well received by our memebers.  Just for the record we had 38 (35 members 3 guests) total in attendance that night.  I received several comments as to how helpful the demo was to some of the members.  Please do consider doing a demo in the future for our club.  I also look forward to seeing you at the APCUG conference in Ohio in July.  I have attached several pix from that evening.  Thanks again, Jon Mazur"                                                             (click image to Enlarge)

avast! - Quiet Protection


6-12-2012 CPUsers Group Tarentum, PA (Remote Presentation)

38 Members of the  CPUsers Group  in Tarentum PA where present for this remote presentation  which was followed by a question and answer session via Skype.  If you live in the area, you might want to consider joining this excellent Users Group.   I'm still waiting for some pictures that where taken in PA during the presentation.

6-2-2012 Tug in Honolulu Hawaii

                                Click image to enlarge                                                Click image to enlarge 57 Members of the  TUG in Honolulu Hawaii  attended today's presentation.  The presentation lasted about 1 1/2 hrs because of the excellent questions asked by the club members.  I was very happy to accept a ride back to the hotel from two of the club members. I'm also glad they made an unexpected stop to allow me to take the following pictures: