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Windows 8 Registration Problem Solved

When I go to Windows Activation, I get the following: When I select the activate the following happens: Does any one have an answer (The product is genuine that's why this doesn't make any sense.) Mystery solved: Enter the following into the search box: slui.exe 3 (notice the space between exe and 3) Select the item found under Apps: and you'll see the following: Now simply fill in your activation Key and you'll wind up with the following result: Since it took quite a few hours and some luck to find this, I thought this might save someone else from getting a headache.

8-19-2012 Classic Shell 3.6.0

Click here to download from Soundforge. The new video describing the latest version 3.6.0 which was just released, can be found at:

8-16-2012 Get Chameleon

Chameleon is the utility made by Malwarebytes that will install and run it's program when Malware blocks Malwarebytes from running. Click here for more details and the download link.

8-15-2012 Adding an Extension to Google Chrome

Adding the avast! WebRep extension to Google Chrome You can also use this same trick to add other extensions to Chrome which aren't available through Google Play.

Installing the avast! WebRep extension to Google Chrome

This same trick can be used to add other extensions to Google Chrome that aren’t available through Google Play.

How to recover from an Email Hijacking (Hack)

8-8-2012 Indian Prairie Computer Club - Hinsdale, Ill

The remote Presentation help on 8/8/2012 for the  Indian Prairie Computer Club  in Hinsdale Ill was attended by 55 of their members. Here are some of the pictures the club sent back to me.                                                           (Click any picture to Enlarge) The presentation was followed by a Q&A session and unfortunately the video I was able to make of that session only contains  the audio from my end. (The answers.) You'll have to use your imagination as to what the questions where.                                      Click here to view the Video Remember, if you live any where near Hinsdale Ill, this would be a great place to get some help with your computer problems. Joining the club would also give you year around access to a wealth of knowledge. You can visit the clubs Facebook Page for contact and other information.