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6-24-2015 Ocean Hills Computer Club - Oceanside CA

87 Members of the club attended this afternoons lively and interesting presentation. The presentation was followed by an extensive Q&A session. The following are three questions that were submitted in writing before the presentation started. I’ll also include my answers to these questions.1. Should I have Avast for my Android Smartphone ? If yes, Why ?
Short Answer: Yes!
Long Answer: There are currently over 33M infected android devices. I'm sure you would prefer not to be one of the 33 Million. Using Avast Mobile Security ( can scan and remove any infections you may currently have and, prevent you from catching new Malware.2. I like Avast but how can I stop it from asking for an Upgrade ? I just want it to do it's job.
Short Answer: Buy one of the paid version and you'll stop the upgrade request for the duration of the license term that you purchased!
Long Answer: Select the Silent Gaming Mode option which will prevent almo…

Using a Mac or an iPhone Keeps you Safe! (Really ? )

Safety just because you’re using an Apple product is a myth that needs to be revised.Since the product has become more popular, it’s also become more profitable for those that make their living from infecting Computer, Laptops, Smart Phones and Tablets to infect Apple products.Here is just one example of the ever increasing security flaws which should make all Mac users more suspicious and take security for their devices to heart: Safe, Be Free. I hope this helps.

6/12/2015 Through 6/14/2015 South West Computer Conference Pomona, CA


6/9/2015 Four Seasons Computer and Technology Group - Beaumont, CA


How to remove the “Get Windows 10” Icon from your System Tray

Click on the Image to enlarge it.
Once this is done, you should also hide this update
so it doesn't show up the next time you do updates.

What is this now Icon in my System Tray?

So now that I've got this sitting in the system tray:

What else can I do with that Icon
Try clicking on it:

Now that's more like it:

Now, aren't you glad I asked