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7/24/2018 The Bowling Green Computer User Group - Bowling Green, KY

Image This is a small excerpt from the 7/24/2018 remote presentation for the members of the Bowling Green Computer User Group in Bowling Green, KY. If you're interested in a presentation for your technology group, simply contact me . There is never a charge to the club or its members for this service provided by Avast Software s.r.o

Microsoft's Challenge to Slack (

More Information and Download (Installation) Links

7-12-2018 Computer Club Oklahoma City, OK

Click here to see all the other pictures. Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of addressing the members and guests of the Computer Club of Oklahoma City -  It was a great way to start the day. As you can see, the members turned out in force. I'd call that a great Oklahoma welcome. Those in attendance had lots of questions both during the presentation and during the Q&A that started after the morning coffee break.

7-6-2018 Fireworks in Long Beach, L. I., NY

Yesterday while in NY doing Avast sponsored Security Seminars , I had the pleasure to watch the Fireworks in Long Beach, NY on 7/6/2018

7-5-2018 Westchester PC Users Group (WPCUG) - White Plains NY

More Pictures Last night I had the pleasure of addressing the members of the WPUG The presentation was followed by a lengthy Q&A session that followed me all the way out into the parking lot.

Facebook Censorship

Facebook STANDARDS apparently aren't the same as mine. They decided to remove one of my posts because it didn't meet their standards. I thought there was nothing wrong about posting a short video of a few pictures of Alice and I. No wonder there are folks in an uproar about Facebook's censorship. You can see the video here:

DACS - Danbury Area Computer Society Danbury CT

See more pictures. Enjoying a pleasant evening with the members of DACS