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Avast Free 19.6.xxxx Smart Scan

Faster, smarter

Avast Free 19.6.xxxx (June 2019)

Just released by Avast

Ccleaner Browser

Something new from the makers of Ccleaner.

Managing your Downloads folder.

There are many Cleanup Utilities that offer to cleanup (Delete contents) your Downloads folder. Many of us keep a lot of “valuable” information, downloaded installation files, misc. sub-folders and many other things in that Downloads folder. These Cleanup tools usually permanently delete the information, files and sub-folders in that Downloads folder so you need to be very careful before you press that delete button. Some time ago, I took a closer look at my Downloads folder and noticed that over the years, it had grown to an enormous size of over 83.3 Gig. Much of what was in that folder wasn't really anything I wanted to totally loose but, it also didn't really need to reside on my computers hard drive. I copied that Downloads folder onto an external HD so that the files were still something I could access. Once the folder had been copied, I was now able to delete the content from my C drive and, whenever I discovered something that I needed, I could simply access it via that