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Making Pasting Easier in the CMD Prompt Window

Gmail - Who is using it?

Making sure that your Gmail account is accessed ONLY by YOU!

Jan 28 is Data Privacy Day!

Jan 28 is Data Privacy Day at AVAST Privacy is the set of blinds on your living room window. Security is the lock we have on our front door You need to learn when to keep those blinds closed to prevent intrusion into your privacy. You also need to realize that Security doesn’t have to be expensive. If you use avast!, it can be totally Free.

Computer Technology Conference 1-31-2014 Through 2-2-2014

I hope to see all of you at this upcoming event.

Software Updater Alert

Don't let outdated programs be the source of danger for your computer.

Protecting Your Identity

In light of the Recent attack against Target and quite a few Other Large Merchants,  here is some information you should know about protecting yourself.

Keeping Your Android Devices Safe

This is what keeps my Android Devices safe.

Upgrading avast! Free to avast! Premier