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12/20/2017 “Oh Canada”

Last night's remote presentation was for the Personal Computer Club of Toronto (PCCT)
My audience was made up of viewers in Toronto Canada, Israel and,  California.
My hats off to the viewer in Israel since the presentation started for him at 2:30 AM his time.
It was 5:30 PM my time when we started the program which was separated into two parts with
a Q&A session in the middle and a follow up Q&A session at the end.
I was asked for a return engagement but the next presentation will cover a live demonstation
of the ins and outs of the Free version of Avast. It was a very enjoyable evening.

12/19/2017 A Very Foggy Morning

Being totally surrounded by fog makes for a small world.

2017 Avast Sponsored Presentations


Tis’ The Season


12/10/2017 Southeastern, MI Computer Organization (SEMCO)

Today I had the pleasure of addressing the members of SEMCO in Bloomfield Township, MI

A long Q&A session followed the presentation including a hands on of the Avast UI and settings.

New Avast Free Beta version 17.9.2320


Testing CleanMyPC - Uninstaller Module Only