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Avast Driver Updater

Image Less crashing, Faster browsing, Better graphics, Richer audio, Fewer device problems

Screencast-O-Matic - Hands On - Free and Paid

A ZOOM meeting for the Computer Club of Oklahoma City ( ) where I demonstrated the features of Screencast-O-Matic. . I cover both the paid and free version in this tutorial.

ZOOM - Studio Effects (Beta)

Image A new beta feature in the latest version of Zoom v5.3.0 adds additional fun features. It's still missing a hair feature!  ( )

9-21-2020 Tech for Seniors

  Episode 26 (1/2 year) As always, time goes by too quickly. We covered a lot of information and many topics. Avast Free , Avast Secure Browser , Avast SecureLine .

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 9 18 2020


Ccleaner 5.71.7971 Custom Install and Privacy Changes

Addressing security and privacy adjustments.

Is your Smart Home a Secure Home?


9-14-2020 Tech for Seniors

  Time flies. This was episode #24 and it was just as exciting and enjoyable as the first episode. We covered computers, Chrome books, sim cards and mobile devices. Avast Free ,  Avast Secure Browser ,  Avast SecureLine .

9/11/2001 A Day to Remember


9-7-2020 Tech for Seniors

  Another exciting ZOOM meeting with folks from all over the country and Canada. We covered a lot of topics including security related topics. No better product than Avast to always have your back when it comes to security. Avast Free , Avast Secure Browser , Avast SecureLine .

SKYBOXE - What is it?


Allowing Co-Host in ZOOM

Image Without a co-host, if your internet goes down, you lose your audience.