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3-25-2017 Going Home - CA to NM


3/25/2017 Channel Islands PCUG - Camarillo, CA

Image Up on stage at  Channel Islands PC Users Group - Camarillo, CA for my final presentation in the March 2017 tour of  the southern part of California.

3/23/2017 TAG Ocean Hills Technical Advisory Group - Oceanside CA


3-22-2017 California Southland AITP - Garden Grove, CA

Image The California Southland AITP is a small but, knowledgeable group. As you can see they were totally interested in what was presented to them. The Pot-roast that I had at Coco's was provided by the club and was excellent. The 128 Gig USB drive I received after the presentation was happily and gratefully accepted.

3-21-2017 Claremont Seniors Computer Club - Claremont, CA

Image Visiting the members of the  Claremont Seniors Computer Club

Avast System Tray Icon


Activating Avast Password Manager


Disable WPAD in Windows to Stay Safer on Public Wi-Fi Network


3/14/2017 Leisure World Computer Club - Seal Beach, CA

Image Another well attended presentation followed by lots of questions.

Re-Activating the Avast Password Manager


How 2 Control and/or Disable the Avast Shields

There are times when, for troubleshooting purposes, you need to be able to control  the Avast Shields. This will show you how.

3-9-2017 La Verne Computer Club - La Verne, CA

Image A small but very interested group. After the presentation, I was able to help one of their members do a clean, custom install of Avast Free. She was running Window 7 and had a problem after the last update. A clean install fixed her problem.Since we had no internet access, it was a good thing that I also carry a usb device with all the tools I needed to complete the task. The only thing I could not do was to register the program since that requires internet access. One more satisfied Avast customer.

3-8-2017 Palmia Computer Club - Mission Viejo, CA

Image Another well attended presentation by the members of the Palmia Computer Club . Advertising does help.

3-8-2017 Glendora Seniors Computer Club - Glendora, CA

Image It gets a bit tricky when you need to concentrate on two separate screens.

3-7-2017 TUGNET - Granada Hills, CA

Image Those attending the TUGNET meeting had many security related questions.

3-6-2017 Greater South Bay User Group - Torrance, CA


3-5-2017 North Orange County Computer Club


3-4-2017 Seniors Computer Group - San Diego, CA

Image A nice turnout by the members of the Seniors Computer Group

Florida 2017

Image Here's a recap of all the Avast sponsored presentations I was able to present in February 2017. The appointments were arranged for me by the Florida Association of Computer Users Groups ( ) In total, I was able to promote the advantages of using Avast to 1200 club members in various clubs located throughout Florida.

3-1-2017 Under the Computer Hood UG - San Diego, CA

Image This kick off presentation for my visit to California was well received by the members of the Under the Computer Hood Users Group