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Disable Internet Explorer 11

Simply not using it isn't enough to keep you safe.
These instructions show you how to disable Internet Explorer 11

4-22-2019 Payson Computer Meet-Up Club - Payson, AZ

This meeting was originally supposed to happen in Feb. 2019
Due to a record snowfall on the original presentation date, it was
postponed and the presentation was finally done remotely via ZOOM
last night. Those in attendance asked quite a few questions both during and after the presentation.

I received a call about 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to let me know that the library had no internet service. Not good news when a remote presentation requires internet service on both sides of the presentation.
Ray Baxter, the club president, was able to use his cell phone as a hotspot and the presentation went off without a hitch.

Removing the Advertising Shortcuts in the Avast Secure Browser