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Windows 8 at a Special Price for a Limited Time


10-16-2012 avast! Free Helping Facebook Users Stay Safe


10-11-2012 Kern Independent PC Users Group – Bakersfield CA

This evenings presentation for the Kern Independent PC Users Group was attended by 15 of it's Members.
There were questions during the meeting and a Q&A session after the meeting.

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This club is made up of some very knowledgeable members.
A great source of knowledge awaits those that become members of this computer club.

10-9-2012 San Jose IBM PC Club – San Jose CA

On 10/9/2012 35 Members of the San Jose IBM PC Club attended the presentation which was followed by a Q&A session.
If you live in the area, this is another great source for help with your computer.
The following pictures where taken prior to the start of the presentation:

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10-8-2012 San Luis Obispo CA to Campbell CA


10-7-2012 Slobytes PC Users Group – San Luis Obispo CA

(Click image to start this small video. Turn on your sound.)
The 10/7/2012 Presentation before the Slobytes PC Users Group of San Luis Obispo CA
was attended by 55 Members and guests. This is a very active club and has quite a few
very knowledgeable and computer savvy members.This is a great place to get help with your computer and keep up with the latest technology trends.
Their current newsletter is available at:

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10-5-2012 PC Community Computer Users Group - Hayward CA

35 Members and guests of the PC Community Computer Users Group in Hayward CA attended last nights presentation.
One of last nights guests was Mirek and I was very happy to see him. The club members asked many questions
and I received many compliments for passing along a lot of useful information.
If you live in Hayward and own a computer, this is one a User Group you need to check out.
A slideshow of the pictures taken before and during the presentation:

10-4-2012 Big Bear Computer Club–Big Bear CA.

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On 10/4/2012 I did a presentation for the members of the Big Bear Computer Club
at the Big Bear Discovery Center. 34 Members and Guests of the club attended the presentation
which was followed by a lively Q&A session.
This is another very active club and if you live in Big Bear Ca., you would truly benefit from becoming a member.

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Being treated to a stay at the Goldilocks Bed & Breakfast was an added and very
appreciated treat. (Jerry, your hospitality is outstanding and your breakfast rocks.)

10-3-2012 Under the Computer Hood Users Group San Diego, CA

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22 Members of the Under the Computer Hood Users Group attended tonight's very lively presentation.
After the presentation, we had an open Q&A that lasted almost 45 minutes which covered a variety of topics.

                                            (click image to Enlarge) If you live in the Wesley Palms community of San Diego CA, and use a computer, you should be a part of this helpful and knowledgeable group.

10-1-2012 Greater South Bay Users Group –Torrance CA.

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On 10/1/2012, 19 members of the Greater South Bay Users Group attended the presentation.
The group asked many questions during and after the presentation.
I was even able to demonstrate the answer to a question posed by one of the members who is an avast! user.
The meeting was held at Zamperini Field in Torrance CA.

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