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12-28-2020 Tech for Seniors - Episode 40

  Eighty-five folks attended todays show where we covered a variety of topics. We also devoted a section to predictions for 2021. The security predictions unfortunately, were all gloomy. We all need to be more vigilant next year than we were in 2020. Many changes have occurred in 2020 that have increased the threat vector which will have an increased negative effect on our security. Our dependence on our Security related products will increase in 2021. I'm depending on their ability to be up to the challenge. Avast Free ,  Avast Secure Browser ,  Avast SecureLine ,  Avast Omni

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 12-25-2020


Merry Christmas 2020


12/21/2020 Tech for Seniors - Episode 39

  This is the last episode before Christmas. As you can see, we had a great turnout (94). Topics included General Security, Windows Your Phone app, 5G service, 2 Factor Authentication, and some Christmas music to round out the show. Next week we may need to start steaming to YouTube since the attendance is getting close to that 100 attendee cutoff.

Blob Opera by Google Experimental

Image Try it here, . Blob Opera is a machine learning experiment by David Li in collaboration with Google Arts and Culture. A great way to learn music composition and voice harmony totally free.

'Tis the Season to be careful!

  All the links lead to bitly shortened addresses waiting to steal your information. There is no check. Trust nothing verify everything.

Web Trails by Avast Labs

Image Get detailed information about your browsing history and habits securely.

12/15/2020 Silvercom Computer Club Mesa, AZ - Remote

  This morning I was happy to show the members of the club how to secure their smart devices through the use of Avast Omni. The presentation was followed by lots of questions and hopefully some purchase of Omni. Avast Free ,  Avast Secure Browser ,  Avast SecureLine ,   Avast Omni

Amazon - Sidewalk (On or Off)

Image A new feature in Amazon (Alexa) that needs your attention.

12-14-2020 Tech for Seniors - Episode 38

  As you can see, we had another excellent turnout (85) In addition to the security topic, the show also contained information about Google Art, Amazon Shopping, Program installation and a bit of Holliday cheer. Tomorrow, I'll be doping an all-Avast program for a club in AZ. The main topic will be Avast Omni. Avast Free ,  Avast Secure Browser ,  Avast SecureLine ,   Avast Omni

Avast Omni - My Choice


Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 12/11/2020


12-9-2020 APCUG Home Automation Workshop

  An excellent turnout (85) for this workshop all about home automation including an answer to the question "Is your Smart Home a Secure Home. If you're using  Avast's Omni , you can have both a smart home and a secure home.

12-7-2020 Tech for Seniors - Episode 37

  Another fun filled and well attended show. (82) We covered lots of topics. The topics included security, tips and tricks, tech toys and, some entertainment. Avast Free ,  Avast Secure Browser ,  Avast SecureLine ,   Avast Omni

Happy Holidays Everyone


Microsoft Safety Scanner

  Download and information, I'd call this a second opinion tool.

2020 Christmas Scape

Image A nice ZOOM Virtual background for Christmas