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Equifax Hack Info & Advice


9-26-2017 Computer Users Group of Redding, CA

Image A small excerpt from close to the beginning of my Remote Presentation for the members of the Computer Users Group of Redding, CA ( ) If you live in the area, this is a great club to join.

Cashing in on the Ccleaner Hack

It certainly didn’t take long: I wonder how many other will see the hack as an opportunity  to pedal their wares.

Blink Health–Double Savings

By now, you already know that I enjoy receiving my free Metformin via Blink Health ( ) I fill my prescription at Smith’s ( ) where I accumulate point to get a reduction in the price of the gas I purchase. So I pay nothing for the Metformin and get a 50 point gas credit to boot. I’d call that Double Savings . It’s a great day. Hope yours is also.

Ccleaner Hack - Further Information

Here is some detailed information on the recent vulnerability discovered and mitigated in Ccleaner.exe. Ccleaner is a very popular junk removal software. Ccleaner is a product of Piriform and Piriform was recently purchased by Avast Software. Here is the information just posted by Ondrej Vlcek the CTO of Avast: "I just had a chance to read this thread and I'm a bit horrified as I think that there's quite some misconception about what actually went on. First of all, the bottom line is: to the best of our knowledge, no harm was done to any CCleaner users as the threat was removed before it had a chance to fully activate. This is really not about downplaying the issue. This is a statement based on a pretty thorough analysis, partially shared below and partially still embargoed because of the ongoing investigation. Now, some facts: - Avast acquired a company (Piriform) which was in the process of being hacked. We have good evidence that the attack started at least seve

9-12-2017 Big Bear Computer Club @ Big Bear Lake, CA

See all of the photos Another enjoyable presentation for the members and guests of the Big Bear Computer Club . If you live anywhere close to Big Bear Lake CA, this is a great club to get involved with. If you need help with your computer or smart devices, you can get FREE help if you're a member.

Protecting IoT Devices with Avast


ICON PC Users Group in Brentwood LI, NY

A short excerpt, close to the end, of a Remote Presentation (Webinar) for the members of the ICON PC Users Group in Brentwood LI, NY As you can see, webinars or remote presentations don't need to be boring. (It's still more fun to be there in person.)

Keeping your information safe just became harder


Bypassing the Avast User Interface


8-31-2017 Personal Computer Users Group of Connecticut (PCUG), Trumbull, CT

Image The PCUG in Trumbull was a very lively and involved club that asked a lot of questions both during the presentation and during the Q&A session that followed the presentation. If you live in the area, it's a club worth joining.