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3-28-2020 Channel Islands PCUG - Camarillo, CA

I had the pleasure of hosting the CIPCUG meeting today. It was a total ZOOM meeting.
We practiced social distancing. Since one person joined us from Florida and the club
is located in California, it covered quite a distance.
I did my presentation during the final hour of the meeting.
The meeting started at 9:30 AM and ended at 1:00 PM
Those attending were very surprised how well everything worked and how easy it was
to join and be part of an interactive part of the meeting.

3-24-2020 Let's Compute Computer Club - Palm Desert, CA

This afternoon's presentation was well attended by members of the club.
We had a nice round-table chit chat before the start of the presentation
that covered all kinds of topics.
I answered quite a few questions about the use of ZOOM
After the presentation, we had a Q&A session and I think I was able to
answer everyone's question. The most discussed topic was about VPNs

3-19-2020 Computer Users of Erie - Erie, PA

Last night we had the first of hopefully many presentations
where everyone was in their own home utilizing ZOOM to come together, do the
clubs business and view the presentation.
Since everyone arrived a little early, we had a great discussion about
how the Corona-virus was affecting everyone's lives. We also talked a bit
about how everyone is handling the social separation.
The presentation was followed by a Q&A session. I was able to show off
Avast Omni since that was one of the main topics of discussion in the Q&A.
I was quite happy with the overall outcome. Everyone was able to participate
verbally and via their individual webcam. For right now, this is as close as we'll
come to actually be there in person.
Stay safe everyone and let's get together remotely.

Effective Immediately.

In the interest of protecting the safety of everyone, mine included,
presentations for the foreseeable future will be done remotely using ZOOM.

My audience will still see and be able to interact with me during and after the presentation.
I'll be doing the presentations from my home and, the audience can also connect remotely
from the safety and comfort of their own home.
This will ensure everyone's safety and, help prevent the spread of the corona-virus.
If you're group is interested in a presentation, simply contact me to start the process.
As always, there is no charge to the club or it's members for this service thanks to Avast Software.

3/11/2020 Glendora's Computer Club - Glendora, CA

Prior to the meeting, I was invited out to lunch.
The buttermilk pancakes were excellent and very filling.
This was my last presentation on this trip to California.
I was told that I was lucky that at least half of the regular attendees showed up for the presentation.
We covered quite a few topics in the Q&A session that followed the presentation.
Avast SecureLine, Passwords Manager and, Omni.

3-10-2020 Laguna Woods Personal Computer Users Group - Laguna Woods, CA

I received a nice reception from the members that attended.
It was obvious that the Corona-virus scare kept many folks at home.
The presentation was followed by some questions regarding installing
Avast on a Windows 10 computer, Avast SecureLine and, Avast Omni.

3-10-2020 Leisure World-Seal Beach Technology & Computer Club - Seal Beach, CA

A smaller club with many questions during and after the presentation.
Most questions pertained to VPN and Password Manager.



3-7-2020 Seniors Computer Group - San Diego, CA

This was the presentation that almost didn't happen. The club members had lots of questions
during and after the presentation. Many of the questions had to do with the Avast Password Manager.
We also had a long discussion on the topic of making up strong passwords and I was happy to
share my thoughts on that topic. We also talked about the importance of a regular backup regiment.

3-4-2020 Under the Computer Hood Users Group - San Diego, CA

This evening I had the pleasure of addressing the members of this club.
The presentation was well received and was followed by many questions including the steps
to install Avast when already using another third party AV.
I was also given a mouse pad which I had mentioned was something I should have
brought with me on this trip. The hotel where I'm staying uses a table with a glass top.
My mouse isn't fancy enough to work on that surface. Here's the new mouse pad.

Avast Secure Browser - DNS over HTTPS


3-2-2020 Greater South Bay PC Users Group - Torrance, CA

It was a small but very interested group for this remote presentation.
A question was raised about Avast's data collection practice which I was
happy to answer.