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Microsoft may withhold security updates from unsupported Windows 11 PCs

That headline is very troubling to me. I have been a Microsoft Insider since Windows 7. Last year, for Black Friday I purchased a rebuilt HP Elite Desktop. It came with an I7 processor, 1 TB SSD drive and 32 Gig's of ram. I had windows 10 Pro installed and I signed the system up for the Windows Insider program. When Windows 11 was announced, I was pretty excited to know that because I was an insider, I'll have an early look at the new OS once it was made available.  I soon learned that my system would not be able to run the new OS because the processor was too old and the required security chip was only version 1.2 instead of the required version 2.0 I had resigned myself that this system would continue to be a Windows 10 system and receive early updates to the latest version of Windows 10 since I was still signed in as an insider. About a month ago, I started this system simply to check for updates since I hadn't used the computer for a while. I was greeted with an update

8-30-2021 Tech for Seniors Episode 75

  Another  great Monday show . We covered Zoom etiquette, Cyber Security, Title theft dangers and safety suggestions, 5G cell services, Part two of All about podcasts. We ended with some lively music. We also answered quite a few questions after the show  during the Q@A session.

Scammers who stole millions from elders indicted

Image If you're interested in how I handled this scam when it was perpetrated on me back in 2015,  take a look at the following article.

What does Apple know about you?

Image In this world of data collection and processing, Apple takes the lead on privacy. Thanks to Emma McGowan for her excellent article on this topic.

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 8-27-2021

Security-related news thanks mostly to Avast Software.  I'm just a messenger. They do most of the challenging work and research.

Facebook - Backup Your Data

Image It's your data. Back it up so you don't lose it.

8-24-2021 Breaking Security News Flash

Malware campaign uses clever 'captcha' to bypass browser warning. The bad guys are getting more clever every day.

8-23-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode 74

  Today's show included information on cyber security, Galaxy's Watch4 concentrating  on its many health-related features, part one on  Podcasting , and we also covered  cellphone battery safety.  The final part of the presentation, which isn't streamed to YouTube, featured Bobby Darin and  Connie Francis. There was a 20 min. Q&A session after the show.

Home Title Fraud - What is it?

Image It's your home but, is your name still on the deed?

LinkedIn - Job offers may be phishing scams.

Image Be careful when you reply to a job offer on LinkedIn it may be a scam.

News Flash Update - T-Mobile Breach

Image Some sound advice you should follow if you're affected by the breach.  Many customers are.

8-21-2021 Security News Flash

Another breach. This time it could affects 70 Million AT&T customers.

WYZE Buds Pro

Image A new toy from WYZE - earbuds to make my life simpler.  I paid $59.99 + shipping

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 8-20-2021

Security-related news thanks mostly to Avast Software.  I'm just a messenger. They do most of the challenging work and research.

What does Tik Tok know about you?

The question should really be, what doesn’t TikTok collect?

Do you really need a software Firewall?

Image Firewalls stop hackers from accessing your computer via Wi-Fi and the internet.

Another T-Mobile Breach


8-16-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode 73

  Another fun morning. Here are some of the topics we covered, Cyber security, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4, What comes after a terabyte? All about  storage. Twitter and some toe tapping music. We discussed quite a few other topics during the Q&A that follows every show.

Back-to-school cybersecurity advice for parents

School is ready to open. Are you ready to help your kids with their cybersecurity needs? This can help.

Windows 11 - System Restore


Meadow Lake Park - An Invitation

My other passion in life. An invitation to join us and become a member. I've been a founding member and the vice president of this nonprofit since we started the project back in 2010.

Windows 11 - Calculator

Image A quick look at the enhanced Calculator in Windows 11.

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 8-13-2021


Windows 11 - Snipping Tool

Image There are actually two ways to reach the Snipping Tool in Windows 11.

8-11-2021 Glendora Senior Computer Club, CA - Remote

  This afternoon's presentation was "All about the Avast Secure Browser" I showed a few videos and then shared my screen, and we dissected the Secure Browser. We covered all the settings, and I explained the importance of the "Banking Mode". There were lots of questions from the  club members   both during and after the presentation. We also covered the importance of using a VPN and a Password Manager. I also offered some information about remote assistance and its dangers.

8-9-2021 Tech for Seniors Episode 72

  We covered a broad range of topics today. In addition to the Avast Weekly  Security News Update , we also covered  five security tips   for seniors , infrared broiling, music alternatives in older cars, Fitbit update and,  we ended it with some peanut gang music entertainment.

Cyber fraud now targeting professional channels

Attackers are creating elaborate schemes to steal information and money through work email and business-related social media channels, like LinkedIn.

BlackMatter Ransomware - Successor to DarkSide, REvil

Image BlackMatter claims to contain the best of REvil, and LockBit. That's bad news for the potential victims.

Apple debuts new 'Child Protection' features

Privacy protection or, a back door? What are your thoughts?

G-Mail - Extend the 'Undo Send' time

Image If you sent something and shouldn't have,  this can save your bacon.

Windows 11 - New Icon in the Taskbar

There's now a notification icon in the taskbar (right side) when it's time to do a restart of your system.

8-6-2021 Deerfield Beach Computer Club, FL - Remote

  The topic of today's presentation was "Use CCleaner for more than cleaning your hard drive" I combined a PowerPoint presentation with an actual hands-on demonstration on the latest  version of Ccleaner The presentation was well received and there were lots of questions. I was also able to answer questions via a live demonstration which made the answers easier to understand.

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 8-6-2021

Image The link to the Blog post mentioned toward the end of this video is available at:

Windows 11 - Taskbar alignment (Center or Left)


Sunset 8-4-2021

This also makes an excellent ZOOM background. Some sunsets deserve to be shared.

The New Google Drive for Desktop

  Google is replacing the old Backup & Sync tool but, the rollout will be staggered. If you'd like to get the new and improved version quicker, follow these links. For Windows , For macOS  users, I am happy to see that Google has finally improved their backup software for Google Drive.

What does Amazon know about you?

A closer look at how much Amazon knows about you. Just how much data does Amazon really collect?

5 Security Tips All Seniors Need To Know

Image Seniors are most at risk for Cyber Scams. This will help you to avoid these frauds. Thanks to Stephen Kho for his excellent article which I used for this video.

Tech for Seniors - Episode 71

  Another well attended, action packed and informative show. We covered all the latest security related in formation. We also covered Some new gadgets, sleep apnea, a Starlink update and the new Google Drive for desktop app.

Hidden Paradise

Another ZOOM video background.

Windows 11 - Renaming Problem

Renaming a file in Windows 11 isn't simple due to a bug. The entire name needs to be re-typed. simple adjustments aren't possible.