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Action Center "Check virus protection" Notice

If you've just done an avast! Program update and see this notice, here's a quick fix.

3-25-2014 Western NY Computer Society - University of Buffalo, South Campus in Buffalo, NY

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of spending a little over an hour with the members of The WNY Computer Society . They were in Buffalo NY, I was in Meadow Lake NM and Skype made this remote presentation possible. The nice thing about doing a remote presentation is that the trip home is very fast. The bad thing is that the people interaction usually a big part of the presentation is totally missing. Thanks Jack Berlin of the WNY Computer Society for inviting me.

Are you ready for a presentation ???

3-20-2014 The Breward Users Group (the BUG) and, the Space Coast PC User's Group

Today I had a chance to visit both the BugClub and the Space Coast PC Users Group Two very interesting clubs who had a lot of questions.                                            Click here to watch all 14 Pictures

3-16-2014 The Keynote Speech for the FACUG Spring Technology Conference

Security is Everyone's Business One of the people attending yesterdays Conference, ( Barry Cowan ) was good enough to upload a part of my presentation. For any one interested, you'll find it at:                                                      The second half of that presentation can be found at:                                 

3-16-2014 FACUG Spring Technology Conference

I was asked to present the Keynote speech for the 2014 FACUG Spring Technology Conference yesterday. Since this venue didn't give me much of an opportunity to spread the word about avast!, I managed to find a different way:

3-13-2014 Platina Computer Club – Boynton Beach FL

Click here to view all the pictures taken at last nights presentation.

In Cognito - Privacy Mode Browsing

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Privacy vs Security