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Image Smile it's good for you. End the year with a smile.

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 12-31-2021

Image A recap of the weekly episodes created during 2021

Is your phone actually secure?

Image Our phones are an extension of our brains. Don’t let just anyone in there. This video is based on another excellent article by Emma McGowan.

6 Things in Cybersecurity We Didn’t Know Last Year

Image Let’s look back at the year that’s been, and what we’ve learned along the way. Thanks to TechCrunch for their excellent insight.

The Avast Firewall - Avast One

Image Trusted or Untrusted Network setting. This needs to be changed depending on the type of network you're connected to.

12-27-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode 92

  It was nice to see a good attendance even right after the Christmas holiday. We covered our usual topics but spent most of today going over last years predictions to see how accurate we were and we made our predictions for 2022.

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 12-24-2021

Image Security-related news thanks mostly to Avast Software. I'm just a messenger. They do most of the challenging work and research.

Attaching a file on the Avast Support Forum

Image This shows you how to attach a file or a picture on the Avast Support Forum.

5 Tips for staying safe online

Image Follow these tips, and you’re off to a great start. Thanks to Emma McGowan for her excellent article on this topic.

12-20-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode 91

  I love this Monday show. We again covered many topics including Cyber Security News, setting up live transcription on Zoom, Dewey's hunt for a bargain on a S21 5G phone, the radio garden website, changes coming to google drive , and reminiscing with Elvis. The show ended with a Q&A session covering several topics.

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 12-17-2021

Image Security-related news thanks mostly to Avast Software. I'm just a messenger. They do most of the challenging work and research.


Image Here is my take on Google's newest information release about files stored on Google Drive. Thanks to ChromeUnboxed for their excellent article on this topic.

#MyYearOnYouTube - 2021

A Thank You to those that are part of my channel. Have a very Happy Holiday and a Prosperous 2022.

Avast - 2022 Predictions

Image Avast's prediction of what the 2022 Cyber security landscape will look like. Thanks to Grace Macej for her excellent information on this topic.

12/14/2021 Security News Flash - Amazon Token Crypto Scam

Image Look out for offers to purchases nonexistent Amazon Crypto currency Tokens. Thanks to Jakub Vávra for his excellent article on this topic.

What is Log4j and Do You Need to Worry About it?

Image A new vulnerability called Log4j has security teams scrambling worldwide. Here's what you need to do - and what you don't need to do - about it. Thanks to Christopher Budd for his excellent article on this topic. Details on this vulnerability are described here:

12-13-2021 Tech for Seniors Episode 90

  Another fun and information packed show. Cyber security, rare earth mineral, super duper security for Edge, Starlink update,  Avast takes a look back at the most prominent threats of 2021 , and just before the Q@A session we had some holiday entertainment.

Windows 11 Taskbar Explained

Image Taking a closer look at the Windows 11 Taskbar.

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 12-10-2021

Image Security-related news thanks mostly to Avast Software. I'm just a messenger. They do most of the challenging work and research.

12-9-2021 Durham PC Users Group, Oshawa,Canada - Remote

  Tonight I remotely visited  Oshawa, Ontario, Canada and did a presentation    for  the clubs members . Only my virtual background had any snow. We had some questions after the presentation on using multiple Av's. There was also a question about an email conflict while using Avast that without more details, I wasn't able to solve.

Has the surveillance technology industry found another powerful ally?

Image There is always a fine balance between spying and/or protection when it comes to surveillance. Thanks to Joe Bosso for his excellent article on this topic.

Avast Free Beta v 21.11.2499 (build 21.11.6787)

Installing the latest Beta version

Avast - 2021 Year in Review

Image A look back by Avast at the threat landscape of 2021 Credits for this article go to Grace Macej.

An Interesting Tool for Windows 11

  Windows 11 Fixer Direct download:

12-6-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode 89

  It's Monday so it's a fun day and  Tech for Senior . Another feature packed show where we covered Cyber security News, Facebook's Portal TV, Verizon Custom Experience, Web Site of the Week (Scan Advisor), an explanation of YouTube Premiere, and The dangers of Coin Helper and was followed by a 20 min Q&A session that covered numerous topics.

12-6-2021 - Leisure World Computer and Technology Club, AZ - Remote

  Today I was the guest speaker  for this club . This was a hybrid meeting The audience was fairly evenly divided. Thirty attended in person and twenty-seven joined via Zoom. The presentation was well received and was followed by a Q&A session. Among the topics discussed during the session was  Avast One 's availability Two factor authentication, and using Avast while out of the country.

Stay away from Verizon's Custom Experience

Image If you're a Verizon customer and value your data, opt out of Verizon's Custom Experience. Read the full story on this topic written by DAVE LECLAIR editor of  How-To Geek .

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 12-3-2021

Image Security-related news thanks mostly to Avast Software. I'm just a messenger. They do most of the challenging work and research.

CoinHelper Danger and Avoidance

Image CoinHelper an unexpected payload with cracked,illegal,unauthorized and repackaged copies of software. Thanks to Christopher Budd for his excellent article on this topic.

6 Tips to Protect Holiday Tech

Image Just in time for the holidays. Some security tips for those new toys. My thanks to Christopher Budd for his excellent article on this topic.

ZOOM - Auto Update feature

Image Set ZOOM to auto update. Once done, no more checking for an update before each meeting.

11-29-2021 Tech for Seniors Episode 88

  Another well attended feature packed show. We covered cyber security news, 2 factor authentication part 2, setting up a Plex Media Server, bone conduction headsets, and scams targeting holiday shoppers, followed by a music sequence that usually ends the official show. A twenty min. Q&A session always follows to conclude the episode.

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 11-26-2021

Image Security-related news thanks mostly to Avast Software. I'm just a messenger. They usually do most of the challenging work and research.

Secure Your Browser Against Online Threats And Phishing Scams

Image Some help in staying secure while browsing the internet. Thanks to Grace Macej for putting this information together.

Everything You Need To Know About Cookies

Image Just in time for the holidays, All About Cookies (Internet) Thanks to Joe Bosso for his excellent primer on this topic.

MS Edge - Super Duper Secure Mode

Image A more secure Edge Browser just by making a simple settings change. If you want to read some details take a look at:

7 Scams Targeting Holiday Shoppers

Image Steer clear of cyber-trouble this year with these seven scams to watch out for during the holidays. Thanks to Grace Macej for her excellent article on this topic.

Windows 11 Empty folder creation mess Cleanup Simplified

  Quote from: bob3160 on November 02, 2021, 08:56:55 AM Windows 11 Creating Many Empty Folders This is something Microsoft needs to address. You'll find the empty folders here, C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData Let Ccleaner Clean Up this Reoccurring Mess Let Ccleaner clean these temp folders till Windows gets its house in order. Ccleaner  >  Options  >  Include  -  paste  the following for a default installation of Windows under  Drive or Folder : C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\tw*.tmp Next under  options   select "Include files, subfolders and the folder itself" Once that's done,  select OK Select yes  in the warning that comes up from Ccleaner. Next, Run Ccleaner. Here's the proof that it works. I knew there had to be an easier way than doing this manually every  few days. Thanks Ccleaner  You'll find Ccleaner here:

Patch My PC Updater

Image An excellent free tool everyone should be using to keep their programs and Apps up-to-date. Get it from here:

11/22/2021 Breaking Security NewsFlash

Image Another security breach. This time it's Go Daddy. See the full article at How-To Geek

11-22-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode 87

  Another enjoyable Monday viewed by a great audience. We again covered a multitude of topics from Cyber Security to part 2 of the Streaming services update. There was an episode on the Wayback machine website. Google 2 factor authentication and a new feature in Chrome ver. 96. The finally was a music segment and the show ended with a Q&A session to covered various topics.

Cyber Shopping Tips for the Holiday Season

Image This will help keep you and your money secure while shopping for all those bargains during the coming holiday season. Thanks to Stephen Kho for his excellent article on this topic Here is the link to the avast 70% off sale. (only till Dec 6, 2021)

4 Ways To Protect Your Computer From Online Threats

Image Most digital devices are vulnerable to online threats these 4 tips will help keep you safer. Thanks to Daniel Hall for his excellent article on this topic: Make sure to check out his many other interesting articles.

Why is my Android phone heating up?

Image What's causing the device to heat up and tips on preventing the heat. Thanks to Charlotte Empey for her excellent blog post on this topic.

11/18/2021 Computer Users of Erie, PA - Remote

  Last night I spent some time with the  folks in Erie, PA . The topic for the evening was all about Windows 11. This was a hands on demonstration of Windows 11 and all the new features that are part of this newest release from Microsoft. We started the evening with some basics that should be followed before the upgrade including creating an image backup, just in case. We all know that things only go wrong when we don't prepare for it. I was also sent a list of questions prior to the presentation from various club members that I answer and provided any needed material. Many of the questions pertained to compatibility with current programs and hardware. I personally haven't run into any of those types of problems. It's always nice when you can actually answer a question while demonstrating the answer directly on your system. A picture is still worth a thousand words.

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 11/19/2021

Image Security-related news thanks mostly to Avast Software. I'm just a messenger. They do most of the challenging work and research.

11-15-2021 Tech for Senior - Episode 86

  Another happy monday morning starting off with Tech for Senior. We covered a lot of topic today including an extensive cyber security segment. That was followed by an update on streaming tv, internet archiving websites, getting ready for the big shopping days, the upcoming end of OneDrive support for Win 7. 8. 8.1, and a musical sequence. We ended with a Q&A session were we spent some time talking about OneDrive.

Chrome - Copy link to highlight

Image A new feature in Chrome version 96 that makes sharing of information easier.

News Flash Update - FBI System Hacked

Image On 11/13/2021 the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) email servers were hacked to distribute spam email.

11/13/2021 Sauk Computer User Group, IL - Remote

  I spent quite some time this afternoon with the members of  SCUG . It was a small but very interested group. They listened intently during the presentation and laughed at the jokes during and toward the end of the presentation. We had a very lengthy Q&A session after the presentation covery many topics including, Avast Hack Check, password managers, questions about how your AV keeps you safe, we also covered some of the features of PowerPoint, and some of the newer features of Zoom. We also talked about quite a few topics that have nothing to do with computers or computer security. Iceberg calvings was one of those topics. It was an enjoyable and interesting meeting.