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6/27/2013 Thousand Oaks Personal Computer Club Thousand Oaks CA

There was another nice crowd on hand for yesterdays presentation for the members and guests of the
Thousand Oaks Personal Computer Club which was held at the Goebel Senior Center 1385 E Janss Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA

6-26-2013 California AITP Garden Grove CA

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6-26-2013 Ocean Hills Computer Club – Oceanside CA

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6-21 Through 6-23-2013 Southwest Technology & Computer Conference

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6-22-2013 A Visit To The Kellogg House – Pomona CA

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I even spotted a few older smartphone models:

6-18-2013 TUGNET Granada Hills CA

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6-13-2013 Long Beach Computer Club – Long Beach CA

Getting ready for the 6/13/2013 Presentation for the Long Beach Computer Club.

It's a fairly small club and 17 of of the club members attended the presentation
held at the Red Cross Building in Long Beach CA.

6-12-2013 Stanford Palo Alto User Group–Palo Alto CA

Last night's presentation for the Stanford Palo Alto Users Group in Palo Alto CA,
was viewed by 35 of it's members. The presentation was followed by an extensive Q&A Session
that covered many topics.

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Personal Information, Privacy and, Security

Both the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are said
to have been secretly mining data directly from the servers of at least nine top
U.S.-based technology companies, according to The Washington Post.Prism – PRivacy ISMute or, there is no privacy. Without privacy, there also is no freedom.
Our forefathers went to war because of unfair taxation.
Now the IRS denies the rights of certain political beliefs and your right
to privacy is taken away in the guise of national security.
Am I the only person who thinks that Democracy is quickly disappearing
for the good of the nation that prides itself in everyone’s right to life,
liberty and, the pursuit of happiness?

Protecting Yourself, Your Computer and, Your Identity

6-5-2013 Sarasota PC Users Group - Sarasota, FL

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A video of this presentation was produced by the club.
Anyone interested will find it on their website:
Protecting Yourself, Your Computer and Your Identity Video

6-4-2013 The PC Rams Computer Club – Palm Beach Gardens, FL