11/14/2017 The Central Iowa Computer User Group (CIACUG)

I encourage questions. Even during the presentation.
Questions show interest. Questions show a willingness to learn
and be involved.
The Central Iowa Computer User Group (CIACUG) was the last of the groups
who requested a presentation for Cyber Security Awareness Month.
Since their meeting for October had already been booked, we settled on the Nov. date.
In total, I remotely visited 16 Clubs for Cyber Security Awareness Month.
We started in Moline Illinois and ended in Ankeny Iowa.
I was as far east as Rochester NY and as far west as Newhall, California.
That's a lot of miles to cover but, I never left my home on this long trip.
Next month, I'll be traveling (remotely) to my neighbor to the north, Toronto, Canada.

11/4/2017 APCUG 2017 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC26)

At 1:00 PM Eastern Time, I had the pleasure of participating in the APCUG Fall Tech Conference.
It was very gratifying to have 72 members from various clubs throughout the US attend my remote VTC presentation.

MLPAA 5th Annual Pumpkin Hunt and Hay Ride


10-18-2017 Icon Computer Users Group

Unfortunately the Story Hour Room wasn't meant for Remote Stories or Presentations.
We struggled for a while and then the ICON Computer Users group asked if I could
wait while they moved to a different part of the Library that had better internet access.
Since the cam on the computer that was used wasn't working, I have no video of the presentation.
I was able to hear the club even if not clearly.
The good thing was that the club had an excellent feed coming from my side and  had no problems
watching the PowerPoint presentation and hear my narration after they moved.
All's well that ends well. .

Uninstall Before you Install

Before you install Avast(or any other Antivirus program) you first need to uninstall what’s currently installed on your system.This will make that process safe and easier.
(I've checked all the links and they all lead to the right place.)

10/19/2017 Modesto PCUG - Modesto, CA

An interesting evening with the Modesto PC Users Group.
We had an interesting discussion prior to the Presentation.

We also had a nice Q&A session after the presentation.
Again, a big thanks to Avast Software for making this possible.

10/15/2017 East Central Ohio PC Users Club - Newark, OH

It was nice to the many of the faces from the ECOTU. I've been a member of this club
for several years. (I guess I can count myself as one of the attendees.)