FTC fines Twitter $150M for using 2FA info for targeted advertising

Image Twitter asked over 140 million users for this information to protect their accounts starting in 2013,  but it failed to inform them that the data would also be used to allow advertisers to target them with ads.  Read the whole story at BleepingComputer.

How license plate scanners challenge our data privacy

Image There's a massive amount of data in private hands and without sufficient controls by the government. My thanks to David Strom for his excellent article.

Turning Off some Irritating Windows 10 Default Settings

Image There's a lot of junk that runs in the background unless you make changes to the default settings in Windows 10 and 11. Thanks to CNET for their article that was the inspiration for this video.

Google Lens Update

Image Check out Google Lens. It's been updated.

The biggest financial scams of 2022

Image Learn how to protect yourself – and your cash – from the dirtiest tricks on the web. Thanks to  GRACE MACEJ  for her excellent article on this topic.

Putting MagicJack on an old Cell Phone

Image Turning your old cell phone into a VoIP phone with MagicJack MagicJack Companion App: Don't let that old cellphone go to waste.

5-23-2022 Tech for Senior - Episode 113

  Another fun show. Today we covered the following topics, Cyber security news,  Quick Assist as an app , Three Windows tips, Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay - which one to use? A look at Portable Apps, Musical outro - Muddy Waters meets Rolling Stones. The show ended with a Q&A session covering a multitude of topics.

What Does Google Know About You

  If you have a Google account (Who doesn't?) go to the following web address and find out  what Google knows about you. The good thing is, you can adjust what Google collects. By default, they collect virtually everything.

Another Microsoft Edge skill that Google Chrome doesn't have.

Image Edge browser now has an easier way to manage web apps, and more improvements are planned.

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 5-20-2022

Image Security-related news thanks mostly to Avast Software. I'm just a messenger. They do most of the challenging work and research.

Windows 10 and 11 - Quick Assist Replacement

Image The best advice I can pass along: Update Quick Assist as soon as possible if you use this utility to either give or receive assistance.