2-20-2020 Happy Trails Computer Club - Surprise, AZ

This is a smaller club but the presentation was well attended.
There were quite a few questions about Avast Omni and the Passwords Manager.

2-19-2020 Personal Computer Club of Toronto - Remote Presentation

Last night, I remotely joined the Club members based in Canada.
We covered a very wide range of topics including the recently reported
Avast data sharing controversy.
Most club members, once I explained the entire story, were a lot more at ease
once they had all the facts. I can't say that they rejoiced but, those
club members who used Avast, are still Avast customers and will remain Avast users.

2-18-2020 Las Palmas Computer Club - Mesa, AZ

The well-received presentation was followed by a Q@A session.
Most of the questions dealt with Avast Omni and Avast SecureLine (VPN).
We also had a discussion about the protection available in the free version of Avast.

2-17-2020 Computer Club at Apache Wells - Mesa, AZ

The presentation was well received and followed by some interesting questions.
Quite a few members were interested in Avast Omni and Avast SecureLine.
They also asked questions about replacing Defender with the free version of Avast.

Removing Avast Extensions

Removing Extensions from Chrome or Chromium-based Browsers.

2-17-2020 Silvercom Computer and Technology Club - Mesa, AZ

Thanks to the club members for a nice turnout and the many questions asked.
Most questions pertained to Avast Omni.

2-15-2020 Prescott Computer Society - Prescott, AZ

It was an interesting afternoon yesterday.
The Prescott library had installed a new projector that would not
work with my computer. The club offered an older computer which worked
with the new projector except, that computer didn't have PowerPoint installed.
Persistence again paid off, I had uploaded a copy of the presentation to my
OneDrive and was successfully able to show that presentation using an online
version of PowerPoint. Maybe we should consider this a remote, in-person presentation.
My thanks to the club for their patience while we worked through the problems.
All's well that ends well. The presentation was well received and we had quite a
few questions on various topics during and after the presentation.
Avast Free, Passwords Manager, SecureLine, Avast Omni

Having Some Fun before I go back to work.


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