9-20-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode 78

  Another content filled show. We covered the latest  security related information, a final summary of Locast,  an update on e-bikes, how to share large files and a little  music  to end end the show. A Q&A session followed. I was able to demonstrate changing you default search engine and how to use it once the change was made.

The dangers of Government use of biometric data.

Image Opt-out of data collection of any type whenever and where ever possible. Read the full article by Joe Bosso here,

Windows 11 - Voice Typing

Image Let your mouth do your typing.

Google - Passing along new Security Tech to older devices

Image Kudos to Google for making this available.

Windows 11 teaches Windows 11

Image Let windows 11 help you learn Windows 11 with a built in app.

Weekly Security News Roundup w/e 9-17-2021

Image Security-related news thanks mostly to Avast Software. I'm just a messenger. They do most of the challenging work and research.

For Avast, digital protection is more than just security

Image Avast recognize that digital protection is more than security; it’s safety, privacy, identity protection, performance, and more.

Introducing Avast One

Image One product with many features even in the free version. It is currently available in the following countries: US, UK, AU and CA

Avast One - Brand New

A brand new product just released by Avast Software. It is currently available in the following countries: US, UK, AU and CA

What's the difference between a VPN and a GPN

Image Thanks to an article in WinReport for the information used in this video.  

Avast - We're making some changes.

Image A brand new logo for Avast Software.

9-14-2021 Breaking Security News Flash - Apple Zero Day Vulnerability

Image A dangerous Apple zero day vulnerability that need to be patched ASAP.