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November 2013 Schedule

The vacation is almost over and here's what's coming up starting 11/1/2013 Date   User Group Meeting Address 11/1/2013   MissionRoyale (Casa Grande)             11 S. Mission Parkway  Casa Grande, AZ 11/1/2013   Payson Area Computer Association     The Payson Library 328 N. McLane Road Payson AZ 11/2/2013   Paradise Computer Club                     Paradise Resort 10950 West Union Hills Drive Sun City AZ 11/3/2013   Day Of Rest   11/4/2013   Sunland Village East CC                     2145 S. Farnsworth Drive Mesa, Arizona 11/4/2013   Computer Club @ Apache Wells     2247 N. 56th. St Mesa AZ 11/5/2013   Las Palmas Computer Club             Las Palmas Community Center 215 N. Power Road Mesa, AZ. 11/6/2013   Grand Computers                            Cimarron Center 17100 West Clearview Blvd Surprise, AZ 11/7/2013   Corte Bella Computer Club            22131 N Mission Drive Sun City West, AZ 11/8/2013   Supercom Computer Club            702 South Meridian Road Apache Junction,

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Another Phishing Attempt–Be Careful

I just received the following and, it was not caught by Gmail                    as Spam or a Phishing attempt: I don't have and have never had a Discover Card. the link provided leads to: hxxp://

10-5-2013 Pikes Peak Computer Application Society, Pikes Peak CO

10-5-2013 Pikes Peak Computer Application Society , Pikes Peak CO                                                           Please click here to see all the pictures.

avast! 2014 RC2 Free - 1st Look

Microsoft Now Recommends You Use a Third Party Antivirus

Goodbye Microsoft Security Essentials: Microsoft Now Recommends You Use a Third-Party Antivirus Quote In an interview with Dennis Protection Labs , Holly Stewart, the senior program manager of the Microsoft Malware Protection Center, said that Microsoft Security Essentials was just a “baseline” that’s designed to “always be on the bottom” of antivirus tests. She said Microsoft sees MSE as a first layer of protection and advises Windows users to use a third-party antivirus instead. Quote For average users — not geeks who can get by with the minimum protection — we’d recommend avast! Free Antivirus.

10-03-2013 Denver's Other Group (DOG) Computer Club

Please click here to view all the pictures taken during the presentation. Click here to get to the clubs website for further information and/or to join the club.

avast! Online Security

               A closer look at the avast! Online Security module. This tool can be used without installing avast but, using avast! enhances this tool.

10-1-2013 Front Range PC Users Group in Fort Collins, CO

Please Click here to view all the pictures Click here to reach the Front Range PC Users Group Website