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4-24-2018 Dayton Microcomputer Assn - Dayton, OH

Last night I had the pleasure of addressing the members of the DMA. The club used a WiFi hotspot for the connection and it was nice to be able to report that the hotspot worked flawlessly. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

4-11-2018 SCV Computer Club - All About Avast

Image The club members gathered at their Senior Center in Santa Clarita, CA and I was poised at my computer in Meadow Lake, NM for an evening where the topic was " All about Avast " Most of the club uses Avast, some free some paid. The clubs president, Judy Taylour , had requested a presentation on that topic There are only two club members that currently aren't using Avast to keep them safe. I hope that I had something to do with that statistic. It was a very enjoyable evening. There will probably be several more presentations devoted to this topic. (It's certainly my favorite.)

Sometimes having Facebook Friends, isn't such a good idea.

The recent Cambridge Analytica data leak on #Facebook can dramatically point this out. I just checked to see how this breach or leak effected me and here are my results: " Was My Information Shared? Based on our investigation, you don't appear to have logged into "This Is Your Digital Life" with Facebook before we removed it from our platform in 2015. However, a friend of yours did log in. As a result, the following information was likely shared with "This Is Your Digital Life": Your public profile, Page likes, birthday and current city A small number of people who logged into "This Is Your Digital Life" also shared their own News Feed, timeline, posts and messages which may have included posts and messages from you. They may also have shared your hometown." Although I was careful, this still resulted in quite a bit of my information being shared.As you can see from this, "Choosing your Friends wisely", is important.

4-6-2018 Sierra Winds Lifetime Health Care - Peoria, AZ

Getting ready for a remote presentation. 35 members of the Facility attended his morning's ZOOM presentation. After resolving a problem with their audio, the presentation went off without a hitch. Unfortunately, the time spent fixing the problem, prevented us from have the usual Q&A session after the meeting. The program chair has already booked a live presentation for Feb 1, 2019.

The Avast Secure Browser

An Installation Guide

Avast Secure Browser Information


Clean Custom Install of Avast 18.3.2333


I'm trying out a new DNS Service from Cloudfare:

More information here: