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Avast Nitro Update version 12.2.3126.0


7-27-2016 Some Days You Get Lucky !

6-12-2016 East-Central Ohio Technology Users Club - Newark OH

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This is a club I've belonged to for the past 4 years.
41 members attended and several others participated via Zoom I purchased a raffle ticket while I was there. Guess it was a lucky ticket. My prize arrived today.

It might be small in size but certainly not small in it's ability to store an enormous amount of data, etc.
It's big enough to store all the stuff I now have on several USB Drives. 
Thanks to my friend Robert Vance for mailing it to me.

Hurry, Hurry, the end is almost here!

Upgrading to Windows 10 for free,  is coming to an end! The last day to take advantage of a free upgrade is this Friday, 7/29/2016. If you upgrade and change your mind and revert back to your current Windows version, (Windows 7 or Windows 8.1)that time limit doesn't apply as long as the upgrade happens no later than 7/29/2016.(You have 30 days after the upgrade that you may revert back to your old Operating System) You'll find some excellent guidance and help for the upgrade and subsequent use of Windows 10 at:

Getting to your Recommendations in Avast.


Avast Beta build 12.2.3106.0 New Features


7-18-2016 Yes, it's real!

On my way home yesterday, this is what I passed twice:
The first encounter was on Interstate I35E outside of Dallas TX and later that afternoon,
I again saw and passed this monster truck on Interstate I40 outside of  Tucumcari, NM.
As you can see, I even received a friendly greeting from Larry, the driver of this truck.

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7-16-2016 North Texas PC Users Group - Addison, TX

We had a full house for this presentation. Some of the member of the club sat on the floor. 

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Pokemon GO - To Go or Not to Go, that is the question ?

The Pokemon Go game seems to have taken over the world in less than a weekend.
It uses your phone’s GPS. It allows you, via your camera,  to capture Pokemon in the real world.
Due to an oversight by the apps developers, Pokemon Go is also able to capture all the private data linked to your Google account.
When you sign up, you are asked to provide your Google login and third party apps can use these credentials since the game places no restrictions on how this information can be used.
Is a game really worth having your information compromised and probably used in ways you may not like ?
Maybe you should think twice before installing and using this App.
Stay safe, be free. I hope this helps.

7-12-2016 The Computer Club @ Apache Wells - Show Low AZ

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Helping the members of The Computer Club @ Apache Wells stay safe while
using their computer, smart phones and tablets.