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Avast Free has protected my online presence since 2003

3/23/2019 Channel Islands PC Users Group - Camarillo, CA

It's always a pleasure to visit this very active club . Many questions and lots of interest in the Avast SecureLine . and, many people are waiting for the release of the Avast Smart Home Security product.

3-21-2019 Modesto PC Users Group - Modesto, CA

Last night I had the pleasure of addressing the members of a small but very appreciative audience. The Modesto PC Users Group meets at Roundtable Pizza . The club asked quite a few questions and we had a hands-on demo of the Avast Secure Browser including the Video downloader function.

3-19-2019 Claremont Seniors Computer Club - Claremont, CA

Back in California and the members of the Club certainly had a lot of questions for me. Hopefully I was able to answer all of them to their satisfaction.

3-6-2019 Under the Computer Hood Users Group - San Diego, CA

Image My final presentation on this visit to CA. Lots of questions. SecureLine was again the most discussed product.

3-5-2019 TUGNET - Granada Hills, CA

Curiosity may kill a cat but questions enhance a presentation. The members of TUGNET had a lot of questions for me during and after the presentation. The Passwords Manager and SecureLine took top honors.

3-4-2019 Greater South Bay Users Group - Torrance, CA

A small group with a lot of questions.

3-3-2019 North Orange County Computer Club - Orange, CA

A large hall and those in antecedence are almost lost in this hall. Most of these members are knowledgeable so they had quite a few questions.

Avast Security for Mac

Yes, your Mac also needs protection.

3-2-2019 Seniors Computer Group – San Diego, CA

We started the first presentation in CA in the rain. Seems like CA has been getting a lot of rain lately. There are some towns in CA that are totally cut off because of all this rain. During the Q&A session there was a request to go over the following Avast service: which I was happy to do.