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February 2017 means Florida for me.

As you can see I'll be covering a bit of Florida's real estate in the next month:

If you're in Fl and are near one of the clubs I'll be visiting, why not join the club members. Bet you would enjoy it.

1-19-2017 Sun City Festival Computer Bytes Club - Buckeye, AZ

The Members and Guests of the club were squeezed in pretty tight. They had to rustle up some
additional chairs to accommodate the large turnout. Lots of questions during and after the presentation.
It was a nice way to end the Arizona Jan. 2017 Tour. I finally made it back home at 2:30 AM on 1/20/2017.

1-19-2017 Mesa Regal Computer Club - Mesa, AZ

1/19/2017 was my final day in Arizona. As you can see, The members and Guests of the Mesa Regal Computer Clubturned out in full force.

1-18-2017 Golden Vista Computer Club - Apache Junction, AZ

As you can see, the members of the Golden Vista Computer Club turned out in full force.

1-17-2017 Rock Comp Computer Club - Apache Junction, AZ

A small but very interested group who use computers and smart devices.

1-17-2017 Las Palmas Computer Club - Mesa, AZ


1-16-2017 Computer Club at Apache Wells - Mesa, AZ

This isn't as big a club as the one I visited in the morning but they asked quite a few questions.

1-16-2017 Silvercome Computer Club - Mesa, AZ

Well over 100 Members attended this mornings presentation.
It was followed by an extensive Q&A session that lasted about 20 minutes.

1/14/2017 Prescott Computer Society - Prescott, AZ

This afternoon I had the pleasure of doing a presentation to a full house
for the members of the Prescott Computer Society.
Lots of questions during and after the presentation.

1-14-2017 Sunland Village Computer Club - Mesa, AZ

This afternoon I had the pleasure of addressing the residents of the
Sunland Village Computer ClubIt's a smaller club made up of some
very appreciative members.

1-12-2017 Happy Trails Computer Club Surprise, AZ

There's always a good turnout by the members and guests of this community.

1-10-2017 Solera at Johnson’s Ranch San Tan Valley, AZ

The members of the club that attended the presentation last night, had many questions
both during the presentation and at the end of the presentation during the Q&A session.

1-9-2017 Sunland Village East Computer Club, Mesa AZ

Sunland Village East Computer Club always makes sure that I find a parking spot right in front of the door.

1-9-2017 Leisure World Computer Club, Mesa AZ

It's always nice to see a large turnout. Leisure World Computer Club certainly turned out in force.

1-6-2017 Payson Area Computer Association

It was a pretty drive to last nights presentation for the Payson Group:

This was the clubs first meeting under a new concept. 2016 ended ona sour note
for the club. No one new wanted to step up to run the club so, it was decides that
rather than disband after many years of service to the Payson, AZ, trying something new may just work.
As you can see from the pictures, the turnout was pretty good and the new concept may just do the trick.
Good luck to those that want to keep this excellent club going. Hope I'll be visiting there again next year.

1-6-2017 Sierra Winds Life Time Health Care


This morning I had the pleasure to address Computer club members and residents of the
Winds Life Time Health Care facility in Peoria, AZ.

1-4-2017 Sun City Grand Computer Club

This afternoon I had the please of doing a presentation for 52 members and guests of the Sun City Grand Computer Club. Additional photos are available at:

1-3-2017 Computer Booters of Sun Lakes

It was a pleasure to start my Arizona tour with the Sun Lakes Booters.  85 of the clubs members attended last nights presentation. You’ll find all the pictures taken at last nights event at: