Starting A New Career At Age 70
Some month back, Avast (my anti virus program of choice) approached me
with the following offer:
"Dear Bob,
I hope you are well and enjoying the spring time. You do an incredible job
for avast now ... and I don't want to ruin this: so if think I'm nuts for
what I am about to propose - please tell me.
In United States - probably more than elsewhere - people love to join in
associations, clubs and hobby groups. When I was working at AVG, we had
one colleague who was spending considerable amount of time traveling the
country and making speeches and presentations at those associations about
security, computers, Internet and IT in general. It was all light and very
low-on-technical to be well received by the audience. Larry - that is his
name - did well because aside of IT carrier he used to be a priest ;o) It
was never a hard-sell on AVG stuff. But of course it helped to carry a
t-shirt with the logo on. I would like run a similar program for avast and
spread the brand awareness. It is not about the selling at all. We just
want the folks to understand there is a brand that loves its free product,
doesn't call it the "basics" and has the guts to have it tested by 3rd
certification agencies against the paid version of competition to prove
there "could be a free lunch" ;o)

Would you like to be the ambassadors for avast and do a job like this? Of
course we would pay the travel expenses and if it would get too out of hands
we would make it a official paid job too. But of course it would depend on
how you would feel about it. "
My reply to them was a resounding "yes" and we started the preparation of developing
an effective Security Seminar which is available free of charge and with out any obligation
to any group interested in learning about the many benefits available when using avast! 5 free
as part of your overall comprehensive security strategy for your personal computer.
The promo offering this free service follows:

I'll be starting my new career with a few presentations locally here in New Mexico next month.
I already have a full schedule for December in my neighboring state of Arizona.
If you belong to or, know of an organization whose members would benefit from this free
Security Seminar,
please let me know with your comments to this Blog, send me an email or,
at the avast! help forum (don't forget to tell them bob3160 sent you).


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